Experience California in Luxury in Olympic Village Inn

By Noah Belachew

If you’d like to stay near California’s Olympic Village and experience world-class skiing, it doesn’t get better than the Olympic Village Inn.

The resort features a large heated pool and three hot tubs to relax in.  Olympic Village also has fire pits and an outdoor lounge area. There's even a fitness center.

For accommodations, guests can choose between  kitzbuhel or chamonix suite for 375-650 square feet of space.

When it comes to things to do, the Olympic Village Inn is no slouch. Check out some of the fun things you can do near the resort!

There are two mountains at Olympic Valley, Alpine and Palisades. Together, these mountains have over 270 trails to enjoy.

Ski Down the Alpine and Palisades

Enjoy Hiking Through Lake Tahoe Trails

Do you want to wander through meadows of wildflowers? Lake Tahoe has six hiking trails to enjoy, so no matter the occasion, there’s something here for everyone!

Want to experience the history of Lake Tahoe? This museum has exhibits highlighting Lake Tahoe’s natural history, maritime history, and even cinematic history.

Check Out the Gatekeeper's Museum

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