Gift a Timeshare Vacation This Holiday Season

By Noah Belachew

Before You Gift Your Timeshare

If you are wanting to gift your timeshare, be sure the recipient is ready to take on the responsibility. When you gift your share, you’re also giving them annual fees.

If you have a loved one that wants to take on your ownership, contact your developer to find out the process of gifting your timeshare to them.

Most developers will allow you to transfer your ownership out of your name if it is going to a friend or family member. They will work with you and a title company to ensure a smooth process.

It depends! Each developer has its own associated transfer fees, so it’s important that you contact them directly to find the exact costs. 

Cost to Gift Your Timeshare

Rent Out Your Timeshare

If you are just looking to not use your timeshare for a few years, consider renting it out. This could be to a loved one or through a company that handles timeshare rentals.

Through RCI and Interval International, members can exchange their timeshare week or points for a similar resort of equal trading power. 

Vacation Exchange Networks

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