How Much is  My WorldMark Timeshare Worth?

By Matti Pennington | Content Writer

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to sell your timeshare or wondering, “how much is my WorldMark timeshare worth.”

How Much Is My Timeshare Worth?

Let's take a look at some key factors for determining how much your WorldMark timeshare is worth

Since WorldMark is under the umbrella of Wyndham’s vacation ownership program, this is a great pro that could help when selling.

WorldMark By Wyndham

As timeshares rarely appreciate in value, it’s best to keep your expectations low when selling and not consider them as an investment.

Do Timeshares Retain Their Value?

The average price per credit is $2 to $3 if you buy directly from WorldMark. On the resale market, some people sell their points for as little as $0.30.

Selling on the  Resale Market

Due to resale restrictions on specific brands, most people won’t want to pay the full price. Buyers look on the resale market for a good deal.

Resale Restrictions Affect Selling 

Find Out: How Much is My WorldMark Timeshare Worth?

Although you probably won’t get back what you paid for, it is imperative to price your timeshare competitively. By working with one of our agents at Fidelity, you’ll receive expert advice and assistance in creating a competitively-priced listing.

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