How to Sell Timeshare Without Upfront Fees

By Noah Belachew

Is it possible to avoid up front costs when selling a timeshare?

Yes! Many owners want to avoid these costs. The best way to do so is to find a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage that can take care of the sale for you.

Real estate agents can sell timeshares, but not all of them do. There are legitimate timeshare resale companies that also have licensed agents that can help you, like Fidelity Real Estate.

These resale companies are the best way to sell your timeshre without upfront fees! 

Do Real Estate Agents Sell Timeshares?

At Fidelity, we receive inquiries daily for Wyndham, DVC, Bluegreen, and other top resort timeshares for sale.   Many buyers look to the resale market to add to their existing ownership at a better rate.

Who Will Buy My Timeshare?

Avoid Timeshare Scams

If you’re looking to sell your timeshare without upfront fees, it’s good to be aware of possible timeshare scams.  Checking with the BBB and the ARDA is always a good tip for spotting scammers. 

We have 20 years of experience helping both buyers and sellers.  We hold an A+ Rating as an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. We are also a proud member of ARDA.

You Can Trust Fidelity Real Estate To Sell Your Timeshare!

Start Your Resale Journey With Fidelity

Get started by filling out a form on our website or calling one of our agents at 1-800-410-8326 (410-TEAM). 

Create A Free Listing To Sell Your Timeshare With No Upfront Fees!

If you decide to accept an offer, we will draft up the contracts of sale for both parties to sign. Simple and straightforward!

If the ROFR is waived by the resort, we can direct you to a trusted title company that will transfer the title out of your name.

What Happens When Contracts Are Signed?

Once all of these steps are complete, you have officially sold your timeshare!

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