October 2022 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

By Matti Pennington | Content Writer

One of the most popular vacation clubs is Disney Vacation Club. It's important to keep an eye on trends and prices if you're planning to sell or buy DVC points.

Buying or selling DVC points?

Let's take a look at some highlights of Fidelity's October 2022 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point!

Keep in mind; Contract size affects the price per point.

Small contracts often have a higher cost per point than larger contracts!

For Example:

In October 2022, a contract at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows was $169.95/point. A contract with over 200 points at the same resort was $155.67/point.

The average price for Beach  Club Villas contracts went down!

In September 2022, the average price per point for a Beach Club resale contract was $161.90. In October, it was $141.13 per point. That's a decrease of 12.82%!

You can save money by  buying DVC resale points!

Fidelity helps buyers get DVC contracts for a fraction of the price. For example, in October 2022, Bay Lake Tower resale contracts were an average of $108.14/point cheaper than directly from Disney.

As the Halloween decorations come down at Disney, the Christmas decorations transition in. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is making a return to Disney World with new additions.

What's new at Disney?

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