Timeshare  Points vs Weeks

By Noah Belachew

What are timeshare weeks?

Timeshare weeks give you a specific week in the year where you can stay at your selected timeshare resort.

What are timeshare points?

Timeshare points provide an innovative way for timeshare owners to travel and stay at different resorts within the same vacation club. These points are like currency.

Should I buy timeshare weeks or points? - It depends on what your preference is. There are pros and cons to each. Let's take a look at them!


· Guaranteed vacation time · No need to plan in advance · Can be exchanged on RCI or II



· Predictable · Same week and resort each year · Rigid vacation time

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· Flexible vacation times · Multiple resort options · Bank or borrow points



· Must plan ahead · Popular resorts sell out quickly · Risk of not reserving the time   you want

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Buy Resale Weeks or Points

You can find great options on the resale market when it comes to buying a timeshare. They are also cheaper than buying from a developer.

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