What is Vacation Exchange?

By Noah Belachew

Vacation exchange companies such as RCI or Interval International allow owners to trade their timeshare ownership for other affiliated resorts and hotels around the world.

As an example, if you own a Wyndham timeshare in Orlando you may be able to exchange it on RCI to visit a timeshare in California

This works by depositing your points or weeks. Then, you can choose a new place to vacation. Keep in mind that the "value" of your ownership may not equate to the same "value" of another resort.

Each vacation ownership brand is typically affiliated with either RCI or II, sometimes a brand is affiliated with both. Check in with your resort first to see which one you are eligible to join.


RCI is the world's first vacation exchange network. A few major brands that are affiliated with RCI are Club Wyndham, Disney Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and Holiday Inn Club.

Over the past thirty years, II has grown in popularity and has major affiliate brands like Diamond Resorts, Hyatt Residence Club, Welk, and Marriott Vacation Club 

Interval International

Can I Switch From II to RCI?

Which network you can join is usually dependent on the timeshare you bought. You can't always switch from II to RCI, unless your timeshare resort is affiliated with both.

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