What is Vacation Exchange?

What is Vacation Exchange

Vacation exchange lets you make the most of your timeshare ownership. But just what is vacation exchange, exactly? In the most basic sense, vacation exchange is the ability for timeshare owners to trade their timeshare week or points for another resort destination. Through vacation exchange companies like RCI (formerly known as Resort Condominiums International) and Interval International (II), timeshare owners can enjoy more freedom and flexibility by trading their ownership for stays at other platform-affiliated resorts and hotels around the world. In addition to other resorts and hotels, timeshare exchange platforms allow owners to exchange their ownership for unique international travel experiences like cruises and excursions, all while earn discounts on airfare and other travel expenses.

Vacation Exchange Meaning

If vacation exchange seems like a daunting concept, don’t worry. The title really describes what you would expect. Timeshare owners have the ability to trade their timeshare on exchange networks like RCI and Interval International to vacation at other timeshare resorts around the world. For example, if you own a Wyndham timeshare in Orlando, you may be able to exchange it on RCI to visit a timeshare in California or Spain.

Vacation exchange involves two main steps. First, you deposit your timeshare points or weeks on the exchange platform. Then, you can choose a new place to vacation. Of course, one resort may “cost” more or less than another, depending on brand, location, season, and other factors. The determining factor isn’t always obvious. For example, a Disney Vacation Club resort in Orlando may cost more points than a Marriott resort in Aruba.

Keep in mind that the “value” of your resort may not equate to the same value of another resort on the vacation exchange platform. Think of it like an exchange rate. Just because you have 150 Disney Vacation Club points doesn’t necessarily mean you can exchange it for a Club Wyndham timeshare valued at 150 Club Wyndham points; 150 Disney Vacation Club points may only equate to 140 Club Wyndham Points. Don’t worry. You don’t have to keep track of these conversions. RCI and II convert your points into their third-party points system, and the value of your ownership is usually determined by the exchange platform. The only thing you may want to keep track of is the possible value difference between your resort and the one you want to trade for. In such cases, your vacation exchange company may allow you to pay extra to make up points differences.

Vacation Exchange Fees

In addition to any differences in value between your deposited points and the other timeshare points you choose to exchange for, you will need to pay an annual membership fee. Both RCI and II charge annual membership fees of $109 and $89, respectively, for their basic one-year membership. However, keep in mind that longer-term memberships come at discounted rates. Not to mention, both of these companies offer extras for you to take advantage of. For example, you can enjoy cruises, excursions, extended stays, and late checkouts in addition to trading your timeshare vacations.

The Best Vacation Exchange Companies

Each timeshare ownership brand is typically affiliated with either RCI or II, but sometimes a brand is affiliated with both. We recommend checking with your resort first to see which one you are eligible to join. It’s also important to note that even though a vacation ownership brand is affiliated with a network, that doesn’t always mean specific resorts will be.

In addition to joining a vacation exchange network, you can sometimes travel within your existing brand’s network with an internal exchange. Club Wyndham, Disney Vacation Club, and Grand Pacific Resorts are three great examples. Ownership with these brands generally includes access to an in-house exchange network. This means you can visit a variety of different timeshare resorts within your brand. For example, if you own with DVC, one year you could stay at Old Key West and then Aulani the next year.

The best vacation exchange companies are RCI and Interval International, but there are others as well. ICE Vacation Exchange and Platinum Interchange are two other great examples. Festiva Resorts also has its own exchange company called RTX, with other benefits and perks of joining.


  • 35,000 Exchange Options
  • 3.8 Million Members
  • 110 Countries

Owned by Wyndham Destinations, RCI is the world’s first vacation exchange network. RCI created the model most vacation exchange network companies follow today. A few top brands that are affiliated with RCI are Club Wyndham, Hilton Grand Vacations, as well as Holiday Inn Club. Disney Vacation Club used to be affiliated with RCI. However, as of 2022, DVC has transitioned to II (see below).

RCI members have other benefits of joining, like using RCI Travel for other vacation necessities. Use RCI points for flight tickets or vacation by boat with RCI cruises.

Interval International

  • 3,200+ Resorts
  • 90+ Nations
  • 40+ Years Experience

Another great vacation exchange company is Interval International. Over the past thirty years, II has grown in popularity and has major affiliate brands like Hyatt Vacation Club, Westin, and Vistana Signature Experiences. Not to mention, Marriott Vacation Club resorts are offered on the network since Marriott Vacations Worldwide is the parent company of II.

With the Interval International timeshare exchange platform, members also have the ability to use the Interval Travel agency to get discounts on flights and cruises.

Disney Vacation Club Has Transitioned to Interval International

In January 2021, after an 11-year partnership with RCI, Disney Vacation Club transitioned to Interval International. DVC continued to honor reserved RCI vacations through 2023, but as of 2024, II is the exclusive exchange platform for DVC. With the switch, DVC members will gain access to a more diverse set of exchange opportunities as II continues to grow its portfolio of world-class resorts and experiences.

RCI vs. Interval International

RCI vs Interval International: Vacation Exchange Showdown Youtube Video find a vacation home with spacious accommodations

As the two biggest vacation exchange networks, you’re probably wondering which one is better: RCI vs Interval International. At the end of the day, neither is better than the other, but they each have their own benefits. If you’d like to know more about the difference between the two vacation exchange networks, check out our video: RCI vs Interval International: Vacation Exchange Showdown. Or, keep reading!

How Point Value Is Assigned

Both RCI and II assign point values to your timeshare week or points when you deposit them. Your assigned point value will depend on various factors, such as resort location, season, unit size, etc. For example, Christmas week at a popular ski resort destination will have greater value than a random April week at the same resort. Your point value will determine how much trading power you can exercise in your timeshare exchange.

The main difference between RCI and II regarding point values is that while both companies only show you results you can “afford” based on your timeshare’s value, RCI shows you the value of your timeshare, and Interval International does not. This won’t matter for II members who only want to spend their assigned value. But if you’re willing to pay extra to make up the difference, it can make things more complicated. RCI’s transparency, on the other hand, can help you see just how much extra you’ll need to spend.

Search Features

RCI and II offer different search features. As mentioned, both companies filter out exchanges you can’t afford based on the value of your deposited weeks or points. However, II also filters out results that are less valuable than your timeshare. This can help streamline the search process for II members, but while RCI members may spend longer sifting through their results, they will see every available option.

Can I Switch From Interval International to RCI?

Many people wonder which timeshare exchange company is better: RCI or Interval International. The truth is, most of the time, which exchange network you can join is dependent on the timeshare you bought. You can’t necessarily switch from Interval International to RCI unless your timeshare resort is affiliated with both. Both companies offer competitive and exciting benefits that make exchanging with either a great experience. To learn more about exchanging your timeshare, contact your developer or your exchange company directly for the latest information. Join The Timeshare Resales Community on Facebook to get your questions asked and answered!

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