Interval International is a vacation exchange network owned by Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Frequently referred to as II, this expansive network began in 1976 as a way for timeshare owners to trade their week at their home resort for a week at another. Since beginning in Miami, Interval International has grown to over 14 offices worldwide.

Today, Interval International’s network brings vacation exchange services to over two million families with over 3,200 resorts in 80 nations worldwide.

Interval International Highlights

2m+ Owner Families

Interval International offers vacation exchange benefits to over two million owner families around the world, providing discounts and extra experiences.

3k+ Resorts

Gain access to other three thousand resorts on the Interval International exchange network. Affiliate resorts are located worldwide, so you will never run out of places to see.

80+ Countries

Tick off every destination on your bucket list when you trade your ownership on Interval’s network. Find resorts & hotels in over 80 countries around the world.

Interval International Membership

Interval International Membership

Interval International membership is only available to timeshare owners. If you are looking to join this vacation exchange network, you can browse timeshares for sale that are affiliated with II on our resale marketplace.

When you buy a timeshare, make sure to ask your resort if they are affiliated with Interval International. Usually, a resort will be either affiliated with RCI or II. Once you confirm that your resort is a part of II’s network, you can sign up for membership.

When you join Interval International, you can then deposit your week or points on their network. Or, if you would like to keep your timeshare week secure until you receive confirmation, you can choose to Request First.

Placing a request first allows you to travel from two years before the week you offered to exchange, up until the dates of that week. Points-based owners will also Request First.

Deposit First is for timeshare week owners that are positive they want to experience a different vacation. This option allows up to a four-year travel window. This means you can exchange anytime from two years before to two years after the dates of your week ownership.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to switch between the two vacation exchange networks. If your resort happens to be affiliated with both RCI & II, you can also join RCI and let your II membership expire. 

One of the most popular benefits of II is the Getaways program. During your first year of membership, you’ll receive $25 off every Getaway you book. 

Getaways are low-priced, week long stays at the top resorts in the most sought-after destinations. And the best part? No exchange is necessary! Hold onto your points or week and book a Getaway for as low as $337 a week.

Another amazing benefit with Interval International ownership is Interval Travel, a full-service travel agency. When you use Interval Travel for vacation planning, you can book airline tickets, reserve a cabin on cruises, discover special resort deals, and get special rates on Hertz car rentals. Not to mention, members can even find deals up to 70% off on hotel stays.

Upgrading your Interval International membership to Interval Gold expands your discounts and benefits even more. With ShortStay Exchange, Gold members can trade their week or points for two vacations (1-6 nights each). Points members can take as many ShortStay Exchange vacations as their points allow. 

With Interval Options, members can also trade their ownership towards the purchase of golfing, spas, cruises, and tours. 

One level above Interval Gold, Interval Platinum membership offers even more significant perks.

Trade your ownership for Interval Experiences, enjoy VIP treatment with Dining Connection, and share your ownership with free Guest Certificates. You’ll also receive complimentary Priority Pass airport lounge access.

How To Join Interval International

Sign Up For II Exchange

Sign Up For II Exchange

When you call II or sign up online, you will verify your ownership information. Once you join, you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of Interval International.

Deposit Ownership

Deposit Ownership

Deposit First or Request First to trade your timeshare ownership for more than 3,200 resorts in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Best Interval International Resorts

Interval International does not own any resorts, but every resort in their network is checked for high-quality accommodations so members are sure to receive the best in vacation exchange.

Affiliated II Brands

While these brands may be associated with Interval International, not all resorts are part of the network.

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Browse listings by brand, destination, and more. When you’re ready to make an offer, you can simply fill out the form online, or contact us to get started.

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