dvc annual dues

Annual DVC Dues Update for 2022

Part of owning with Disney Vacation Club, annual maintenance fees or dues are collected every year to cover operating costs and property taxes, as well as an allocation for any future renovations. Each year these dues can increase based on Disney's discretion, so it's important to take note of how much you will owe in 2022 to cover your ownership....

vacation exchange

What is Vacation Exchange?

Ready to travel the world with vacation exchange? Savvy timeshare owners know how to make the most of trading their points and weeks through II and RCI.

Gift A Timeshare

Gift A Timeshare Vacation This Holiday Season

If you aren't planning on using your timeshare this year or perhaps you are looking for a responsible way to get out of your ownership, gifting your timeshare can be a great option. Whether you are just looking to give the gift of vacations this year to a loved one, or you want to gift them away for good, read on. There are a couple of ways you can go about the gift of vacations....

rci flights with points

How to Use RCI Points for Flights

RCI is one of the most popular vacation exchange platforms for timeshare owners around the world. With the ability to trade your points or weeks for stays at hundreds of resorts and hotels, vacation exchange is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of membership. You can use RCI for booking flights with your points and receiving incredible discounts on airfare....

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