RTU Timeshare Contract

RTU Timeshare: How It Works

RTU timeshares are non-deeded and give you the "right to use" a unit for a set amount of time. This means that, unlike a deeded timeshare contract, you do not actually "own" the property. The amount of years each timeshare contract lasts depends on the resort and brand. To learn more about how RTU timeshares work, continue reading....

Disney Treehouse Villas

Disney Treehouse Villas: A Best Kept Secret

There are so many incredible resort options when staying at Walt Disney World. Each resort offers a unique magical experience to guests, which is why Disney Vacation Club owners return year after year. One resort, however, seems to be more hush-hush but offers a one-of-a-kind vacation to guests. Disney's Treehouse Villas at the Saratoga Springs Resort is one of Disney's best-kept secrets, and you can buy...

RCI Points

How RCI Points Work

Owning RCI Points is a great way to get what you want out of your vacations. With access to over 4000 resorts in 110 countries, RCI can help you take the vacation of your dreams. Did you know RCI is the world's first vacation exchange platform? With an RCI Points membership, timeshare owners can trade their points for stays at thousands of other resorts or hotels outside of their vacation club....

Hilton Grand Vacations Club

What is Hilton Vacation Club? All You Need to Know

The Hilton hospitality company began in the early 1900s when founder Conrad Hilton acquired a small hotel in Texas. Since then, Hilton has built a reputation for innovation and modernization. In fact, Hilton hotels were the first to place TVs in every room. The brand is also credited with developing the first central reservations system. They’ve been a game-changer since the start. Hilton's vacation...

Branson Resorts Summer 2021

Best Branson Resorts to Visit This Summer

Branson, Missouri is a popular vacation destination in the Ozark Mountains. Enjoy the natural beauty of the lakes in Branson or attend one of the 100+ spectacular live shows in town. Branson is, in fact, known as the "Live Entertainment Capital of the World!" Theme parks, museums, and delicious dining options add to the appeal of this fun-filled city. Branson is also a spot for some amazing resorts, so...

Standard Size of a Timeshare Villa

Benefits of Timeshare: Standard Size of a Villa

Your family deserves to have a nice and comfortable vacation. Staying in a timeshare villa means that you have more space to stay and play! There's more room, so there's more space for amazing amenities like a full-sized kitchen and living room. The standard size of a timeshare villa is quite a bit bigger than a normal hotel room, so let's talk about how that will benefit you and your family!...

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