What is ARDA? Everything You Need To Know

What is ARDA

ARDA stands for the American Resort Development Association and since its inception in the 1970s has been advocating on behalf of the timeshare industry.

What is ARDA?

In the early days of timeshare, the industry was unregulated. This caused a lot of strife for owners and developers. Unfortunately, this led to timeshare having a less than a desirable image, despite the emerging future of the vacation industry.

What is ARDA

ARDA was created as the trade association for timeshare. Thoughtfully designed to protect and advocate for the industry and owners as a whole. The association has made strides to protect owners. A few including advocating for a rescission period, financial assurances and required escrow for purchaser funds.

Today, the American Resort Development Association remains a strong presence in the industry. The association works harder than ever to provide safety and opportunity for owners, professionals and developers in the space of timeshare.

Many timeshare developers are members of the American Resort Development Association. In order to be a member, companies and individuals must abide by a code of ethics. The ARDA Code of Ethics calls for transparency and honesty in the industry. Because of this, only reputable and trusted brands are allowed to become members. Your timeshare developer is likely a member of ARDA.

Additionally, the Code of Ethics in the ’80s was implemented to help weed out timeshare companies and associates who give timeshare a bad name by hurting owners and the industry. Today, as people look for viable solutions, ARDA is a trusted source.

ARDA Resort Owners Coalition

The American Resort Development Association sponsors ARDA-ROC. Additionally, this group regularly advocates on behalf of timeshare owners’ wants and needs. Not to mention, ARDA-ROC receives a portion of maintenance fees to help keep the group effective.

Coalition for Responsible Exit

Last year, ARDA began the Responsible Exit program. This program exists to help owners seeking a way out of their timeshare. Developers and industry partners have the opportunity to join the Responsible Exit coalition if they meet ARDA’s standards for ethics. One of the most important requirements to be a member is to provide safe and legitimate exit solutions. Helping owners safely exit their timeshare is why Responsible Exit was made.

The coalition started in response to bad timeshare exit companies lying and scamming owners over the years. If you need help exiting your timeshare, call your developer first, then visit the coalition’s website. As members of ARDA, we can also help you on your path to exit your timeshare.

ARDA World

In order to maintain community and success within the industry, ARDA hosts ARDA World. This annual event takes place in the spring. It’s an opportunity for industry leaders, developers and other parties to get together to learn about the state of the industry.

Additionally, at this event, ARDA recognizes outstanding members in the field of timeshare with awards ranging from innovation to customer service.


Designed for women in the industry to meet, collaborate and excel together is ARDA WIN. With quarterly and annual meetings, the group strives to give professional women a place to change the industry from the inside out.

Timeshare Young Professionals Group

For the new generation of timeshare professionals, ARDA created the Timeshare Young Professionals Group. The group meets several times throughout the year to bring young professionals together for networking and learning events.

AIF and Timeshare

Started by the American Resort Development Association and stands for ARDA International Foundation is AIF. This leg of the association works to provide the industry with the most current statistics on the industry. Additionally, to keep a pulse on the industry and consumers, AIF generates reports annually.

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