May 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

May 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

Disney Vacation Club has established a well-deserved reputation for delivering fun and luxurious vacation experiences. Whether you are looking for the most relaxing beach getaway, a thrilling theme park experience, or something in between, with 16 distinctive and unique resorts available, Disney Vacation Club can make your family’s dreams come true. Not to mention, if you’re looking to save some money, buying DVC points on the resale market is an excellent option. To help you make an informed decision, check out Fidelity Real Estate’s analysis for this month, which includes each resort’s average DVC resale price per point in May 2023! With Fidelity’s help, you can rest assured you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

What’s Coming Up At Disney

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Epcot has undergone an extensive transformation spanning multiple years, and its completion is just around the corner. The newest rides, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, have already begun enchanting guests. However, one vital element of this park’s revitalization, Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, will be unveiled in late 2023. Journey of Water is not a ride; it is a captivating themed walk-through area nestled within Epcot’s World Nature Land.

There’s an exciting addition to the culinary scene as Roundup Rodeo BBQ recently made its debut in Toy Story Land within Hollywood Studios. Boasting a delightful ambiance inspired by Andy’s toys, this sit-down restaurant is perfect for those looking to satisfy their hunger. Roundup Rodeo BBQ offers a family-style dining experience with delectable dishes, including mouth-watering ribs, delectable biscuits accompanied by sweet pepper jelly, creamy macaroni and cheese, flavorful baked beans, and more.

Disney World resorts, from the enchanting Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to the rustic Disney Wilderness Lodge, have undergone a series of remarkable refurbishments. Disney has been diligently using its magic to give these resorts huge makeovers. This trend of renovations will continue into 2023, with properties like Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa receiving attention. While certain Disney Vacation Club rooms and studios at the Grand Floridian already unveiled stunning, refreshed designs in 2022, other areas of the hotel, including additional rooms, are set to benefit from renovations this year.

As an owner of Disney Vacation Club points, you will have the pleasure of enjoying all the timeless attractions that Disney’s parks have to offer, not only now but also in the years to come. If you’re interested in adding DVC points or becoming an owner, exploring the secondary market can lead to substantial savings.

May 2023 Average DVC Resale Price By Contract Size

When buying DVC resale, the size of the contract is one of the most important factors to be aware of. Different contracts and resorts can vary greatly in the cost per point, so it’s critical to have the right information to make an informed decision. Below you will find May’s average DVC point prices categorized by size: under 100 points, 100-200 points, and over 200 points.

ResortMay 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Under
100 Pts
May 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Between
100-200 Pts
May 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Over
200 Pts
Animal Kingdom$122.50$105.87$102.93
Bay Lake Tower$145.00$133.79$142.00
Beach Club Villas$135.00$131.86$120.00
Boulder Ridge$110.00$103.42$92.00
Copper Creek$133.33$130.00$–
Grand Californian$–$–$–
Grand Floridian$150.00$150.80$150.00
Hilton Head Island$76.50$66.95$52.00
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$94.26$78.31$79.81
Old Key West (extended)$–$98.00$87.50
Riviera Resort$118.00$126.50$–
Saratoga Springs$99.15$95.92$84.60
Vero Beach$64.43$55.17$46.33

2023 Average DVC Resale Price By Resort

ResortMay ’23 Average Price/PointApril ’23 Average Price/PointMarch ’23 Average Price/PointFebruary ’23 Average Price/ PointJanuary ’23 Average Price/Point2022 Average Price/Point
Animal Kingdom$106.50$104.44$113.08$111.34$117.58$129.17
Bay Lake Tower$137.98$137.57$143.98$147.39$152.43$154.49
Beach Club Villas$130.89$134.19$136.54$137.50$141.60$154.74
Boulder Ridge$101.39$97.82$102.70$109.33$99.62$110.70
Copper Creek$131.11$141.17$152.60$140.00$150.92$159.47
Grand Californian$–$245.00$235.50$–$250.00$257.17
Grand Floridian$150.48$146.75$154.64$145.89$160.75$171.02
Hilton Head Island$67.41$60.00$61.17$68.50$71.50$76.39
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$87.47$84.12$84.92$95.70$106.32$111.03
Old Key West (extended)$91.00$102.11$90.56$129.00$111.29$124.01
Riviera Resort$123.67$–$131.20$124.29$125.00$130.35
Saratoga Springs$94.44$97.41$100.92$104.43$105.04$121.28
Vero Beach$57.56$60.85$59.08$56.03$68.39$69.54

DVC Resale Prices Are Always Changing!

May 2023 Average DVC Resale Prices Chart

Based on the chart provided, it is evident that predicting monthly resale values for DVC contracts is a very difficult task. Resale prices varied from resort to resort, showing both growth and decline. In May 2023, the average resale price per point for DVC contracts stood at $103.74, which represents a notable decrease from the average of $134.93 observed in May 2022.

Selling DVC points can seem daunting if you’re not familiar with how to start. The truth is certain contracts may not sell above or even meet the average price. Knowing the factors that influence the DVC point sale price is essential for achieving the best possible result. Factors such as point availability, pending reservations, and annual points earned are just a few examples of elements that can impact the final selling price.

May 2023 Vs. May 2022 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

In the chart below, you can see how DVC points have changed in price per point between May 2022 and May 2023.

ResortMay 2023May 2022
Animal Kingdom$106.50$130.29
Bay Lake Tower$137.98$159.89
Beach Club Villas$130.89$162.79
Boulder Ridge$101.39$116.77
Copper Creek$131.11$157.00
Grand Californian$–$270.00
Grand Floridian$150.48$180.00
Hilton Head Island$67.41$78.27
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$87.47$118.17
Old Key West (extended)$91.00$125.40
Riviera Resort$123.67$135.00
Saratoga Springs$94.44$124.54
Vero Beach$57.56$73.90

DVC Resale Price Per Point Vs. Direct DVC Price Per Point

ResortMay ’23 Resale Price/PointCurrent Direct Price/PointPrice Difference/Point
Animal Kingdom$106.50$200.00$93.50
Bay Lake Tower$137.98$265.00$127.02
Beach Club Villas$130.89$265.00$134.11
Boulder Ridge$101.39$205.00$103.61
Copper Creek$131.11$240.00$108.89
Grand Californian$–$310.00$–
Grand Floridian$150.48$207.00$56.52
Hilton Head Island$67.41$155.00$87.59
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$87.47$–$–
Old Key West$91.00$200.00$109.00
Riviera Resort$123.67$207.00$83.33
Saratoga Springs$94.44$200.00$105.56
Vero Beach$57.56$140.00$82.44

*Direct prices do not reflect any promotions or discounts DVC is offering.

There are pros and cons of buying DVC on the resale market and buying directly from Disney. Although you get more perks buying from Disney, you can save a ton of money with a resale. Make sure you are aware of all DVC resale restrictions before buying so you can make the best decision for you. As resort expansions continue, the future looks bright for DVC owners. However, these expansions may also affect future resale prices. No matter what happens, you’re in good hands with DVC.

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