How to Sell Westin Timeshare [7 Steps]

Sell Westin Timeshare

Are you looking to sell your Westin timeshare? If so, we have you covered! Selling a timeshare might sound complex, but we have all the tools and guidance to help you through the resale process on the resale market. We strive to publish your listing and help market it to potential buyers as quickly as possible. Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about Westin Vacation Club and how to sell Westin timeshare. 

About Westin Vacation Club Timeshares

How to Sell Westin Timeshare

Before we discuss how to sell a Westin timeshare, let’s examine Westin as a whole. Westin Vacation Club is the timeshare ownership branch of Westin Hotels and Resorts. With 14 resorts in some of the most sought-after destinations, the possibilities for Westin owners are incredible. Each Westin timeshare offers top-notch amenities and luxurious accommodations to suit each person’s needs. 

Westin Vacation Club is a points-based timeshare ownership program in the Marriott Vacation Clubs family and is under the Westin Hotels and Resorts brand. It is owned and operated by Vistana Signature Experiences Network, and participating guests can own a timeshare at their favorite Westin Vacation Club resort and relish numerous locations within Westin’s and Vistana’s portfolio.

Next is another vacation ownership option offered by the same family of vacation club networks, Vistana Signature Experiences. 

About Vistana Signature Experiences

Vistana Signature Experiences is an authorized Marriott Bonvoy partner and an exclusive Sheraton and Westin Vacation Club partner. Vistana Resorts offers glorious accommodations with top-notch amenities in top destinations worldwide. Moreover, you can find Vistana resales on our marketplace, such as Harborside Resort At Atlantis I and Sheraton Vistana Resort. Start your unique vacation experiences today! 

Want To Learn More About the Vistana Signature Network?

Click to get the inside scoop of everything you need to know about Vistana Timeshare.

Now that you have insight into Westin let’s dive into the Westin timeshare resale process!

How to Sell Westin Timeshare

Before deciding whether to sell your Westin timeshare, consider exploring all of your options first. If you’re unhappy with your timeshare location or size, consider exchanging your Westin timeshare points. Additionally, it’s vital to note that all owners who bought from a developer or purchased a resale in a mandatory resort receive Star Option benefits. 

What Is a Mandatory Resort?

Owning a mandatory resort will allow a resale buyer to use StarOption points to book other resorts within the Vistana Signature Network (VSN). So, when you sell your Westin timeshare, your ownership details are transferred to the new owner. Owners can utilize points to travel to any Vistana resort if available, and you have sufficient StarOptions to book the reservation. An example of this is Westin Kaanapali.

After you’ve decided to sell your Westin timeshare, we’re here to help you every step of the way. When selling a timeshare on the resale market, it’s vital to understand that timeshares don’t appreciate over time, and you have to be realistic in terms of resale value. For example, a timeshare is similar to a car. It decreases in value over time but still has many possibilities for sale. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Sell Westin Timeshare

How to Sell Westin Timeshare [7 Steps]

Let’s take a look at the easy seven-step process for selling Westin timeshares.

1. Contact Westin

Contact Westin to see what options you have for responsibly getting rid of your timeshare ownership. They may have in-house exit solutions for when you’re ready to part ways with your timeshare. If they don’t, then they will most likely refer you to a legitimate timeshare reseller like us at Fidelity Real Estate.

2. Gather Ownership Details to Sell Westin Timeshare

Owners must acquire all ownership details to list a timeshare for sale. These include your resort or vacation club, week number, point allotment, unit number, the original deed, purchase agreement, and most recent annual fees. However, if you can’t find all of this information, don’t worry! Contact Fidelity Real Estate, and we will help you!

3. List Your Westin Timeshare For Sale to Sell Westin Timeshare

At Fidelity Real Estate, we work with you to publish the perfect listing that features compelling photos, detailed descriptions, and vital information about the ownership details. We strive to market the listing promptly with all the information required to reach many prospective buyers. Listing your timeshare with all of its necessary information is vital to selling a Westin timeshare.

4. Review Offers for Sell Westin Timeshare

Next, when offers come in, you have total control over whether to decline or accept them. We can start the closing process once you have received and accepted an offer from a resale buyer. As a resale brokerage in business for over 20 years, we’re here to help conquer the closing process. 

5. Navigate The Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

When all contacts have been signed and completed, the process is still ongoing. The resort you’re timeshare is associated with, in this case, Westin, has the Right Of First Refusal (ROFR), which means they can step in as the buyer. Westin has the right to buy back any contract during the resale process. If this happens, Westin will automatically be the timeshare buyer and accept the contract terms.

As a side note, the Right of First Refusal must be completed to finalize a timeshare resale. 

6. Work with a Trusted Title Company

Next, if the resort refuses the offer, the sale continues with the initial prospective buyer. We can connect you to a trusted title company to transfer the title from your name. The title company will process the title transfer and send the new title and documents to the resort and the county where the resort is located.

7. Get Out of Your Westin Timeshare

As soon as the title is transferred out of your name, contact the resort to confirm the membership is out of your name. Wait to stop paying your maintenance fees until you confirm with the resort. Until this is done, you will still be responsible for paying the maintenance fees. Once the resort has confirmed that the membership is out of your name, you have officially sold your timeshare.

Avoiding Scams from Timeshare Exit Companies

Timeshare Scams

We know that selling your timeshare might sound daunting, and you might be eager to get rid of it. But it’s vital to conduct thorough research to find legitimate resale companies and avoid timeshare exit team scams. The internet is full of exit teams claiming to cancel your timeshare contract. They can be timeshare cancellation attorneys or companies that promise a money-back guarantee.

Timeshare cancellation companies are not just a few isolated cases but a widespread resale scam that has harmed countless owners. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has conducted a comprehensive study on these timeshare exit companies, exposing their fraudulent tactics and the unfortunate owners who have fallen victim to them.

Furthermore, timeshare exit teams count a foreclosure on your ownership as a “successful” cancellation or exit. This will harm your credit and stay on your report for seven years. So, be wary of scammers, and work with resale agencies that guarantee customer satisfaction. Fidelity Real Estate is a trusted timeshare agency among many famous hospitality brands. Let us help you sell your Westin timeshare!

Sell Westin Timeshare With Fidelity Real Estate

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So, if you’re ready to responsibly sell Westin timeshare, consider starting your journey with us at Fidelity Real Estate. With over 20 years of experience in the timeshare industry, we are here to help answer any questions. If you need assistance on how to sell Westin timeshare, please call us at 1-800-410-8326 or email us at [email protected]. Our licensed agents are always happy to help!

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