Formerly known as Resort Condominiums International, now RCI, is a vacation exchange network that is owned by Wyndham Worldwide. RCI has 35,000 exchange options across 108 countries with over 3.8 million members. Vacation exchange networks like RCI can help timeshare owners get the most out of their ownership. RCI was founded in 1974 by Jon and Christel DeHaan. The DeHaans pioneered a system that would allow for vacation owners to exchange their time at their home resort for time at other resort locations.

RCI prides itself on offering members amazing destinations, incredible experiences and the power of choice.

RCI Highlights

3m+ Owner Families

RCI provides over three million families with incredible vacation offers and benefits around the world, plus discounts on essential travel activities.

4k+ Resorts

Looking for a new resort experience? RCI’s exchange network offers over four thousand affiliate resorts with luxurious accommodations and amenities.

110+ Countries

Tick off every destination on your bucket list when you trade your ownership on RCI’s network. Find resorts & hotels in over 110 countries around the world.

Getting Started With RCI

Getting Started With RCI

RCI does not own any resorts, as they are just an exchange company. In order to be an RCI member, you must first own a timeshare. Whether or not you are eligible to exchange within RCI’s network depends on which resort is your home resort. If your home resort participates in the RCI exchange network, you will be able to participate. Keep in mind, older resorts and units may not exchange equally for newer resorts or larger amenities. However, you have the option to upgrade your ownership with your home resort.

After purchasing a timeshare that is affiliated with RCI, you can sign up directly with RCI to start exchanging! Whether you own points or weeks does not matter, RCI has separate programs so you can maximize your vacation experiences.

RCI Weeks

Traditionally, exchange networks worked by trading one week for another week at a resort of the same caliber. Today, RCI gives owners more options for exchange. You can customize the length of your stays at a variety of different types of resorts.

RCI Weeks members have the option to exchange their week in smaller increments. So, you could potentially spend half a week at one resort and the other half at another resort at a different time of year.

RCI Points

RCI Points are a second option for RCI members. Members who have converted and/or deposited their timeshare week for points have added flexibility in their vacation ownership. RCI points offer members the option to choose their vacation’s location, unit size, arrival date, and length of stay (including just one night stays). Each resort/week combination is worth a different amount of points in the exchange network.

One great thing about exchange networks like RCI is that member’s unused points can roll over one year. Additionally, members have the choice of borrowing their own points from the next year to book vacations in the current year. Points roll over one year, but if not used in the second year, they do not roll over to a third year.

The major difference between Weeks and Points is that Points users can stay for as little as one night at a resort.

Yes, one of the many benefits of RCI is the ability to use your RCI points towards flights! According to RCI, members can use up to 33% of their points, or 25,000 points (whichever is greater) to go towards flights. 

RCI Travel can also help you with booking flights and even apply your frequent flyer account to earn more miles.

For RCI Weeks membership, you can join RCI for as little as $99 for one year. RCI Points membership starts at $124 for one year. When you subscribe for multiple years, you receive discounted rates on membership fees. Check our blog for the latest RCI fees and cost to join.

When you deposit your timeshare ownership with either RCI Points or RCI Weeks, your ownership is assigned a “Trading Power.” While timeshare is not an investment and cannot hold financial value, your ownership is assigned “value” when you want to trade it with RCI. For example, week 52 at an Orlando resort may have a higher trading power than a spring or fall week in Colorado.  

Members of RCI can upgrade to RCI Platinum membership for even more benefits and discounts. Save 10% on Extra Vacations and Last Call vacations, even when they’re already on sale.

Platinum members can also get a 25% discount on Guest Certificates, as well as 10% discount on Combined Deposit fees. Ongoing Search is also free, so you won’t be charged an exchange fee until you find a match for what you’re looking for. Not to mention, you’ll also have the benefit of free On-Hold Vacations, in case you have last-minute changes.

Furthermore, RCI Platinum members have priority access to select vacations before other members. When you’re looking for in-demand vacations, this is helpful to secure your spot before anyone else can.

RCI Travel can be used by weeks or points members to book travel products or services. This can be a short weekend getaway, or securing car rentals and flights. 

RCI Travel promises a Best Rate Guarantee on all flights, car rentals, as well as hotels. If you find a lower rate within 24 hours of booking, RCI will give you a full refund for the difference.

How To Join RCI

Sign Up For RCI Exchange

Sign Up For II Exchange

When you call RCI or sign up online, you will verify your ownership information. Once you join, you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of RCI.

Deposit Ownership

Deposit Ownership

Use RCI Weeks or RCI Points to deposit your ownership onto the network. You will be able to begin browsing vacation opportunities available.

RCI Resorts

RCI does not own any resorts, but every resort in their network is checked for high-quality accommodations so members are sure to receive the best in vacation exchange.

Affiliated Brands

While these brands may be associated with RCI, not all resorts are part of the network.

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