Hilton Grand Vacations Club Fee Schedule 2018

2018 hilton fees

Before purchasing a Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare, it’s important to note the cost of a Hilton timeshare and their annual fee schedule. Take a look back at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club fee schedule from 2018 to see where costs have increased or changed on a yearly basis.

2018 HGV Club Fees

Activation Fees2018 Price
Club Activation Fee$366 (purchased through HRC* or affiliates)

 $599 (purchased through a Third-Party or Private Sale

Membership Transfer Fee$399
Activation Fee Voluntary (1 Interval)$399

*Hilton Resorts Corp. (HRC) used to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide Inc (the parent company of HGVC). HRC continues to maintain sales centers in the United States and internationally.

Hilton Annual Fees in 2018

These are charged annually to Hilton Grand Vacation Club owners, usually on the first of the year.

Annual Dues2018 Price

Resort Reservations

These charges are applied when making a reservation outside of the home week specified on an owner’s deed.

Reservation Fees2018 Cost
Home WeekComplimentary
Home Resort or Club (changeable – phone)$80
Home Resort or Club (Changeable – Online)$65
ELITE – Home Resort or Club (Changeable)$55 (Online)


$80 (Phone)

ELITE PLUS – Home Resort or Club  (Changeable)$45 (Online)


$80 (Phone)

ELITE PREMIER – Home Resort or Club (Changeable)Complimentary (Online and Phone)

Club Partner Perks

Fees apply when booking a service through Club Partner Perks.

Transaction Fees Cost per Transaction
Using Club Partner Perks$104

Point Stretching

Point Stretching Transaction Fees

2018 Price
HHonors Conversion – Phone$114
HHonors Conversion – Online$104
ELITE – HHonors Conversion – Online$104
ELITE PLUS – HHonors Conversion – Online$84
ELITE PREMIER – HHonors Conversion Online/PhoneComplimentary
RCI Depositing – Phone$114
RCI Depositing – Online$104
Cancellation Protection$62

Reservation Confirmations

Reservation Confirmations2018 Price
Home WeekComplimentary
Guest Certificate$79
Open Season CashNot Available

Open Season Rates

Season2018 Cost
Bronze & Silver Seasonvaries by unit size
Monday through Thursday (Nightly)$67 to $275
Friday through Sunday (Nightly)$88  to $296
Gold Seasonvaries by unit size
Monday through Thursday (Nightly)$99 to $950
Friday through Sunday (Nightly)$120 to 860
Platinum Seasonvaries by unit size
Monday through Thursday (Nightly)$109 to $1,400
Friday through Sunday (Nightly)$129 to $1,400
Membership Level Discounts for Open Season Reservations 
Elite10% Discount
Elite Plus15% Discount
Elite Premier30% Discount

2018 Open Season at West 57th by Hilton Club

Everything tends to be exclusive at Hilton’s premier resort in New York City, and the Open Season at West 57th is no exception.

Season2018 Cost
Gold (Weeks 1 – 6, 29 – 34) varies by unit size
Monday through Thursday (Nightly)$315 to $575
Friday through Sunday (Nightly)$373 to $665
Platinum (Weeks 7 – 28, 35 – 52)varies by unit size
Monday Through Thursday (Nightly)$392 to $1,150
Friday through Sunday (Nightly)$392 to $1,150

RCI Exchange Fees

One of the greatest benefits of the Hilton Grand Vacation Club program is the ability to exchange club points for a stay at a non-Hilton resort via the RCI network. The fees associated with this exchange are listed below, but note that reservations made via phone incur an additional $10 service charge. Additional housekeeping fees may also be applied by the resort.

Reservation via Internet2018 Price
1 Night$49
2 Nights$69
3 Nights$99
4 Nights$129
5 Nights$169
6 Nights$189
7 Nights$239
RCI Guest Certificate$79

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