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RCI Vacation Exchange

RCI, formerly known as Resort Condominiums International, is the largest vacation exchange company in the world for timeshare owners. In this blog, we’ll break down RCI, how it works and other frequently asked questions.

About RCI Resorts

RCI Travel

A lot of people ask which resorts are owned by RCI. The answer to that question is none. RCI actually does not develop or own any resorts. The company is simply a vacation exchange network. However, there are timeshares affiliated with RCI. What does this affiliation mean? It generally means that a particular resort has trading power in the RCI network and is eligible for exchange. In order to exchange with RCI, you must have a timeshare and a membership with the company. Many of the world’s top timeshare brands are affiliated with RCI such as:

While these brands are affiliated with RCI, that does not necessarily mean every resort in each brand is available on the network for exchange. Whether a resort is eligible or not is up to RCI and your developer, so give them each a call. In the meantime, you can check the availability of your resort here.

Buy RCI Timeshare?

As we mentioned before, you cannot necessarily buy RCI timeshare since the company doesn’t own any timeshares. However, you can browse our listings and find a resort you love. Then, you can give RCI a call and they can let you know if it would be eligible on the network before you buy.

International Resorts & Destinations

RCI Resorts

Members can find qualifying resorts in all different parts of the world. From the Caribbean to Australia, there are tropical destinations to explore as well as snow-capped treasures in Canada and Colorado waiting for guests. RCI members also get deals on cruises, flights and car rentals.

How Does RCI Work?

So, if you’re new to the vacation exchange realm, you may be wondering “how does RCI work?” Well, simply explained, members deposit their Points or Weeks and can then choose between RCI timeshares that are available at other resorts. The type of timeshare you can exchange for is dependent on the Trading Power of your ownership.

Generally, larger units at popular destinations will have more Trading Power than others. However, you can always pay the difference or buy more points to garner the vacation you want in the event you don’t have enough Points from your membership.

Weeks and Points

As you may know, RCI uses Points and Weeks as trading power on their network. Which type of membership you have is based on the timeshare you own. If you have a points-based timeshare, you will have RCI Points, and if you have a week-based timeshare, you will have RCI Weeks. Different timeshares have different Trading Power on the network, but both options are great for finding new vacations each year. If you’re not sure which type of ownership you have, call your resort or RCI and they can help you determine the answer.

Fees and Dues

If you have any questions regarding your membership or fees, contact RCI. There is a yearly fee to continue membership through the network as well as some exchange fees. If you’re looking for the latest fees with your membership, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we break down all the fees and dues for 2020.

Guest Certificate

The RCI Guest Certificate enables your friend or family member to check in to a vacation that was booked through RCI. This is a great way to gift a vacation to your friends and family.

What is RCI Vacations?

RCI vacations offer incredible experiences to their members. ‘RCI Vacations’ is a term members use to describe and search for vacations offered through RCI. Interested in taking your holidays to the next level? RCI offers cash-only booking options for exclusive trips, great pricing, and member-only travel benefits.

RCI Extra Vacation Getaways

Did you know as a member of RCI, you may be able to take week-long vacations without exchanging your week? That’s what Extra Vacation Getaways offer. You can book these getaways with cash similar to the way you would book a hotel. The great thing about these trips is that there is no limit to the number of them you can take a year. What’s more, you can book an Extra Vacations Getaway and give an RCI Guest Certificate with it, so your loved one can have a nice vacation.

RCI Last Call

RCI Last Call

Similar to the Extra Vacation Getaways, RCI Last Call are week-long vacations that can be booked using cash and do not affect your points or weeks. What makes Last Call stays a little different is that they are discounted greatly and can be booked within 45 days of checking in. To view more about this program, log in to your RCI account.

RCI Timeshares for Sale

Looking for RCI timeshares for sale? You may be surprised to know that RCI doesn’t actually own any timeshares. When people refer to an RCI timeshare, they often mean one that is eligible for RCI membership (aka vacation exchange). To see the latest RCI timeshares for sale, we recommend looking at some of the brands RCI works with. A few include Disney Vacation Club, Wyndham, Holiday Inn and Bluegreen. For fast assistance, you can also call 407-477-7987 to speak to one of our agents about RCI eligible timeshares.

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