2020-21 RCI Membership Fees

2021 rci dues

For the purpose of preserving historical data, here are the 2020-2021 RCI fees to join and participate in the vacation exchange network. These fees are no longer relevant, please click here to see the current year’s RCI fees.

There is a lot to keep in mind when it comes to 2020-2021 RCI Fees. If you are a member of the RCI network, take a look at the different RCI membership fees there are and when they take effect.

RCI Membership Fees 2020-2021

If you are an RCI member, you are probably well acquainted with RCI membership fees. RCI is a subscription-based program, which means owners generally make payments in advance for using the services available. There are two types of memberships through RCI: RCI Weeks and RCI Points. Additionally, RCI Points and RCI Weeks members have the option to upgrade their benefits with Platinum and Gold memberships.

All price values are shown in USD.

The following RCI fees are effective starting November 1, 2020.

RCI Points Fee Chart (Annual)

1 Year$124
2 Years$229 
3 Years$321 
4 Years$409 
5 Years$499 

Managing Your Points Deposits

Points-based memberships are a great way to tailor vacations to your liking. Sometimes you may want to bank points for the next year if you won’t use them now. RCI has a few fees for points management.

A Points Saving fee occurs when you want to save your points for the next year to use. A Points Extension fee applies when you want to roll over those points to the third year. The fee amount you pay depends on the number of points you wish to roll over. Additionally, you have the option to rent more points upon check out. If you choose a resort that is out of your point-range, you can rent more to make up the difference. 

Managing Your PointsPrice
Points Saving Fee$36
Points Extension (Less than or = to 30,000 points)$95
Points Extension (30,001 points or more)$135
Points Extension Fee (WVO Flat Rate)$109
Points Rental Fee$0.03
Points or Deposit Fee$49

Points Protection

Points Protection by RCI was designed to guarantee members a 100% refund on points they spend and end up not using. The price of Points Protection is dependent on the number of nights a stay is.*

RCI Points ProtectionPrice
1-2 nights$44
3-4 nights$54
5+ nights$64

*Purchased 30 days or less from the date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date.

Weeks Fees 2020-21

Through the RCI Weeks membership, owners can exchange their traditional week at their home resort for a week somewhere else. Similar to points membership, RCI Weeks is also a subscription-based program where fees are due each year to continue the use of service. Below are the current membership fees, with the option to secure your subscription up to five years in advance.

RCI will assign your week a trading power value once it’s deposited on its platform. The Deposit Trading Power depends on a variety of factors, like your resort’s popularity, the size as well as the type of unit you own, or the season you own in.

The following fees are effective starting November 4, 2019.

RCI Weeks Fee Chart (Annual)

RCI Weeks Subscription FeesTotal CostPrice Per YearYou Save Approx. 
1 Year$99n/an/a
2 Years$179$9010%
3 Years$249$8316%
5 Years$399$8019%

Managing Your Weeks Deposits 2020-21

Similar to managing points deposits, there are fees assumed with managing your weeks’ deposits as well. The extension and deposit concepts are the same as the points, just at different price points. 

Managing Your RCI WeeksPrice
Deposit Extension – 1 Month   $49
Deposit Extension – 3 Months$89
Deposit Extension – 6 Months $119
Deposit Extension – 12 Months $139
Combine Deposit Fee  – 12 Month expiration$154
Combine Deposit Fee  – 24 Month expiration$231
Vacation Time Transfer Fee$98
Deposit Restore$69
Unit Upgrades and Changes$49

What is Trading Power Protection?

RCI Trading Power Protection (TPP) is a fee you can pay that locks in the value of your week upon booking. This comes in handy only when you exchange your week for another week and then cancel the trip or want to re-book it. By having the TPP, RCI will not recalculate the weeks’ value.

Trading Power Protection (TPP)Price
TPP Purchased 30 days or less from date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date$64
TPP Purchased 31 days or more from date of vacation confirmation OR 14 days or less from check-in date$104

RCI Weeks Online Self-Enrollment Fees

RCI Weeks Online Enrollment FeesPrice
1 Year$159
2 Year$239
3 Year$309
5 Year$459

All-Inclusive Fees

One of the things that makes RCI great is the options to upgrade your existing membership for even more rewards. Below are the Platinum and Gold membership fees, which can offer Points or Weeks members incredible benefits and discounts. 

Platinum Membership

An RCI Platinum membership allows owners access to great vacation perks, including exclusive sales and savings and priority booking. In addition to these benefits, you receive priority on select exchange vacations before they are made available to the entire network, and 24/7 Travel Assistance for problems big or small.

Platinum Benefits

  • 10% savings on Extra Vacations getaways and Last Call vacations, including those already on sale.
  • 10% discount on the Combined Deposit Fee and increase your exchange options.
  • 25% discount on Guest Certificates so you can share with family or friends and save!
  • Free Ongoing Search, meaning RCI can help you find your ideal vacation and you won’t be charged the Exchange Fee until they find a match.
  • Free On-Hold Vacations, so you can iron out those last-minute details without a fee for 24 hours.

Platinum Points Membership Fees

RCI Weeks Platinum FeesTotal CostPrice Per YearYou Save Approx. 
1 Year$89n/an/a
2 Years$155$77.5013%
3 Years$221$73.6717%
4 Years$279$69.7522%
5 Years$322$64.4028%

Gold Membership

Gold members of RCI are also afforded great benefits for RCI. Depending on your budget and your needs, a Gold membership may be right for you. It is less expensive than Platinum but includes a few similar perks.

Gold Benefits

  • 5% savings on Extra Vacations getaways and Last Call vacations, including those already on sale.
  • 10% off City Attractions with a Go City Card.
  • Priority Answer when calling into RCI to speak to their expert guides.
  • Free On-Hold Vacations, so you can iron out those last-minute details without a fee for 24 hours.
  • RCI Gold members receive an extra $25 per couple towards purchase of select tours, compared to standard RCI members.
  • Free Ongoing Search, meaning RCI can help you find your ideal vacation and you won’t be charged the Exchange Fee until they find a match.

Gold Points Membership Fees

Gold Membership FeesTotal CostPrice Per Year 
1 Year$49n/a
2 Years$86$43
3 Years$123$41
4 Years$156$39
5 Years$180$36

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Exchange Vacations Fee

RCI charges an exchange fee like most exchange companies. The exchange fee is the same rate regardless if you are a week or points member. Once you’ve decided which resort you would like to exchange for, you then must book the resort by exchanging your home week or points. This is where the exchange fee comes in. There is a difference in the fee if you are a points or week member. Below is a chart with the most current fees. 

RCI Exchange Fee Chart

Points Members Exchange Fees Total Cost
Home Week Reservation (7 nights)No charge
Home Resort Reservation (7 nights)$50
RCI Points Reservation 14 nights +$288
RCI Points Reservation: 7-13 nights $209
RCI Points Reservation 6 nights$199
RCI Points Reservation 5 nights$179
RCI Points Reservation 4 nights$139
RCI Points Reservation 3 nights$109
RCI Points Reservation 2 nights$79
RCI Points Reservation 1 night$59
RCI Weeks Reservation (7 nights)$239

Gift Certificate Fee

If you’re interested in giving your RCI membership as a gift for one year, you can use Guest Certificates through RCI. There is a Gift Certificate fee for transferring your membership for the year. This fee is applicable to both points and weeks members. The guest certificate allows a friend or family member the ability to check into your timeshare after you have booked your vacation through RCI. This is a great option if you’re looking for a gift for someone, or if you aren’t going to be taking a vacation this year.

Guest Certificate TypePrice
One Time Transfer$89
5 Year Guest Pass$179

Last Call Vacations and Cruise Exchange

Last Call Vacations are last minute week-long getaways that are available to confirm within 45 days of check-in. Being a huge vacation exchange network, it’s no surprise RCI offers cruise options as well. Both are listed here!

Last Call and Cruise RentalsStudio (1BR)(2BR)
Last Call – Call Center/RCI.com$269$294$319
RCI Cruise Cash Rental n/an/aFees Vary
Cruise Exchange – 20,000 Points$149 n/an/a

Reactivation of Membership

The fee to reactivate your RCI membership is $49. In the event your membership is cancelled, call RCI to discuss your options.

Vacation exchange is one of the greatest perks of timeshare, allowing members to travel to awesome vacation spots year after year. Do you use RCI? Let us know below. Happy exchanging!

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