April 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

April 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

Looking to create an unforgettable and magical vacation experience for your family every year? If so, Disney Vacation Club is the one for you! DVC has a well-deserved reputation for delivering top-tier vacation experiences, making it the ideal choice for families seeking a high-quality timeshare experience. DVC offers 16 exceptional resorts to suit everyone’s tastes. Each resort offers a unique set of amenities and experiences, ensuring that DVC points are a surefire way to guarantee years of unforgettable family vacations. Additionally, if you’re looking to save some money, buying DVC points on the resale market is an excellent option. To help you decide, be sure to check out Fidelity Real Estate’s analysis for this month below, which includes a breakdown of each resort’s average DVC resale price per point for April 2023!

May the 4th Be With You

April 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

Star Wars fans from all over the world celebrate May the 4th (also known as Star Wars Day) every year. Both Disneyland and Disney World go all out for Star Wars guests planning to visit during the month of May and beyond. Here are some things to look forward to:

At the Disneyland Resort, Star Wars Day is more than just May 4. Through July 4, Hyperspace Mountain returns to Tomorrowland! In this high-speed adventure, you will hurtle through hyperspace while avoiding furious dogfights. Then, hop aboard the Starspeeder 1000 for an unforgettable flight through the Star Wars galaxy on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

It wouldn’t be a Disney celebration without tasty treats and superb sips! In celebration of the adventure, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort will serve out-of-this-world cuisines, like Cosmic Rum Punch and Lightsaber Eclairs.

As a member of Disney Vacation Club, you have access to all the iconic attractions that Disney’s parks offer, both now and in the future. If you’re looking to expand your membership by adding DVC points or becoming an owner, the secondary market can save you a good chunk of money.

April 2023 Average DVC Resale Price By Contract Size

If you’re wondering how to make the most of your money when buying DVC resale, you’re in luck! There are numerous factors that can impact the DVC resale price per point in April 2023, but one of the most significant is the size of the contract. Depending on the resort and contract size, DVC contracts can vary greatly in price per point. With the right information, however, you can make an informed financial decision. Refer to the chart below to see April average price per point for DVC contracts categorized by size: under 100 points, 100-200 points, and over 200 points.

ResortApril 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Under
100 Pts
April 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Between
100-200 Pts
April 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Over
200 Pts
Animal Kingdom$97.50$110.91$99.71
Bay Lake Tower$136.00$137.45$146.00
Beach Club Villas$134.94$135.74$125.00
Boulder Ridge$103.09$94.98$97.00
Copper Creek$141.75$140.00$–
Grand Californian$250.00$–$240.00
Grand Floridian$140.29$151.06$–
Hilton Head Island$–$60.00$60.00
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$92.33$81.08$76.82
Old Key West (extended)$99.00$110.00$104.67
Riviera Resort$–$–$–
Saratoga Springs$100.50$96.81$92.50
Vero Beach$61.74$52.00$61.52

2023 Average DVC Resale Price By Resort

ResortApril ’23 Average Price/PointMarch ’23 Average Price/PointFebruary ’23 Average Price/ PointJanuary ’23 Average Price/Point2022 Average Price/Point
Animal Kingdom$104.44$113.08$111.34$117.58$129.17
Bay Lake Tower$137.57$143.98$147.39$152.43$154.49
Beach Club Villas$134.19$136.54$137.50$141.60$154.74
Boulder Ridge$97.82$102.70$109.33$99.62$110.70
Copper Creek$141.17$152.60$140.00$150.92$159.47
Grand Californian$245.00$235.50$–$250.00$257.17
Grand Floridian$146.75$154.64$145.89$160.75$171.02
Hilton Head Island$60.00$61.17$68.50$71.50$76.39
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$84.12$84.92$95.70$106.32$111.03
Old Key West (extended)$102.11$90.56$129.00$111.29$124.01
Riviera Resort$–$131.20$124.29$125.00$130.35
Saratoga Springs$97.41$100.92$104.43$105.04$121.28
Vero Beach$60.85$59.08$56.03$68.39$69.54

DVC Resale Prices Are Always Changing!

The chart above indicates that it is nearly impossible to predict monthly resale values for DVC contracts. While some resorts experienced an increase in resale prices, others saw a decrease. On average, the resale price per point for DVC in April 2023 was $108.31, compared to the previous year’s average of $133.99.

If you’re considering selling your DVC points but unsure where to begin, it’s worth noting that some contracts may not sell above or even meet the average price. It’s critical to understand the factors that influence the sale price of your DVC points to achieve the best possible outcome. Availability of points, pending reservations, and annual points earned are just some of the factors that impact the sale price.

April 2023 Vs. April 2022 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

Take a look at the chart below for a glimpse into how the average resale price of DVC points has evolved between April 2022 and April 2023.

ResortApril 2023April 2022
Animal Kingdom$104.44$127.81
Bay Lake Tower$137.57$164.59
Beach Club Villas$134.19$159.81
Boulder Ridge$97.82$120.69
Copper Creek$141.17$165.00
Grand Californian$245.00$–
Grand Floridian$146.75$171.46
Hilton Head Island$60.00$75.25
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$84.12$109.00
Old Key West (extended)$102.11$140.00
Riviera Resort$–$125.00
Saratoga Springs$97.41$124.08
Vero Beach$60.85$72.58

DVC Resale Price Per Point Vs. Direct DVC Price Per Point

ResortApril ’23 Resale Price/PointCurrent Direct Price/PointPrice Difference/Point
Animal Kingdom$104.44$200.00$95.56
Bay Lake Tower$137.57$265.00$127.43
Beach Club Villas$134.19$265.00$130.81
Boulder Ridge$97.82$205.00$107.15
Copper Creek$141.17$240.00$98.83
Grand Californian$245.00$310.00$65.00
Grand Floridian$146.75$207.00$60.25
Hilton Head Island$60.00$155.00$95.00
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$84.12$–$–
Old Key West$102.11$200.00$97.89
Riviera Resort$–$207.00$–
Saratoga Springs$97.41$200.00$102.59
Vero Beach$60.85$140.00$79.15

*Direct prices do not reflect any promotions or discounts DVC is offering.

Before you purchase DVC points, you should understand the pros and cons of buying from Disney directly versus the secondary market. Even though buying directly may come with certain perks, purchasing a resale can save you a lot of money. Knowing all DVC resale restrictions is crucial so that you are able to make the best decision for yourself and your family. The future looks bright for DVC owners, with resort expansions continuing. However, these expansions could also impact resale prices in the future. With DVC, you’re in good hands no matter what.

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