Diamond Resorts Benefits You Need To Know About

Diamond Resorts Membership Benefits

Curious about what Diamond Resorts benefits are available to you? Signature experiences, extra stays, priority booking, and travel planning are just a few. Check out all of the Diamond Resorts benefits you need to know.

Diamond Resorts Benefits

Among the benefits of a Diamond Resorts timeshare, the locations are definitely a draw for many. With over 379 locations in 35 countries, Diamond boasts a wide network of travel options. Furthermore, with destinations in Sint Maarten and Las Vegas, Nevada, your family can visit dreamy spots each year.

Exclusive Diamond Member Benefits

Signature Experiences: Join Club Solo for even more fun experiences or take part in the number of events offered at your Diamond resort each year. From concerts and live shows to dining, Diamond is well known for offering exciting entertainment.

Guest Reservations: As part of your Diamond membership, you can book reservations for your guests. All you have to do it contact Diamond for a Guest Certificate. As a result, your family or friends can stay using your membership.

Interval International Compatibility: Diamond Resorts is an affiliate brand of Interval International. This means Diamond owners can join Interval International and gain access to even more resorts. Using vacation exchange is one of the best benefits of buying a timeshare.

Cruises: Do you enjoy life on deck? With Diamond Resorts benefits like signature cruises, you can use your points to book a cruise with any of Diamond’s cruise partners.

Air Miles: Did you know Diamond partners with 7 major airlines to offer owners air miles? Owners can use their points towards flights with Diamond’s flight partners. Undoubtedly a definite benefit when it comes to vacationing.

Car Rental: All members of Diamond’s Club are allowed to use a portion of their points towards the cost of car rentals.

Guided Travel Tours: Diamond Resorts partners with Collette Worldwide to offer owners exclusive travel tours. To get started, contact your resort for more details on travel tours available near your resort.

Flexibility in Points and Destinations with Diamond

Diamond Resorts offers an easy points-based system. Upon purchasing Diamond points, you’re automatically enrolled as a member of The Club, Diamonds vacation club. Like most vacation clubs, Diamond also offers a tiered loyalty system. Members have the opportunity to join the Diamond Loyalty program at the Standard, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels. Of course, cruise points, accommodation upgrades, and differing discounts are available at all loyalty levels.

Undoubtedly, this is a major benefit for many vacationers who want to get the most out of their timeshare. Diamond points can be used to book vacations at any of the locations in the brand’s network. So, as long as you have enough points for a destination, you should be able to book it.

Banking and Borrowing Your Diamond Resort Points

Each year, you are allocated a certain number of points to use for your vacations. The number of points you get is the number of points you purchased when signing up for membership. What happens if you can’t use all of your points in one year?

Luckily, Diamond allows owners to bank (aka save) their points for the next year. According to the Diamond Benefits guide:

  • Owners can save up to 100% of the annual allocation of points by June 30
  • Save up to 50% of the annual allocation of points (if 50% has not been saved) between July 1 and August 31
  • Owners can save up to 25% of the annual allocation of points (if 25% of the allocation has not already been saved) between September 1 and October 31

On the other hand, borrowing points is a helpful Diamond Resort benefit for when you don’t have quite enough points in one year that you need. According to Diamond, “you can borrow up to the annual allocation of points from next year’s allocation by paying a deposit equal to 75% of the current year’s maintenance fees.”

Diamond Timeshare Benefits

What are the other benefits of owning a Diamond Resorts timeshare? As you may have heard, timeshares offer up to 3x more space than your average hotel. Plus, each resort offers unique amenities including pools, bars, restaurants and more. In addition, your Diamond timeshare is commonly equipped with extra living space, full-size kitchens and washers and dryers. All of these things make for a comfortable and luxurious vacation.

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