Disney Springs’ The BOATHOUSE Orlando Restaurant Review

Disney's Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Springs Amphicar Launch


The Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Springs view from amphicarThe Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Springs

Brace yourself for an upscale dining experience unlike any other at the Boathouse Disney Springs restaurant.  From the decor to the server uniforms, you are instantly transported for an immersive dining experience. Disney’s The Boathouse restaurant features lunch, dinner and late-night entertainment for the entire family!  

If you are planning on dining here for dinner, be sure to make a reservation! This is one of Disney Springs’ most popular restaurants. You can also make a reservation through the My Disney Experience app. Annual pass holders will still receive their discounts no matter what way you book!

Not Just a Restaurant, the Boathouse is an Adventure

World's Largest Amphicar Collection, hello there captainBe prepared to stay awhile to take in everything it has to offer! For example, they boast the world’s largest collection of fully restored “Dream Boats”, consisting of beautiful wood cris-crafts, Italian water taxis and stunning amphicars in pristine condition.

Arriving At The Boathouse – Amphicars!

When you arrive at the restaurant, there is an Amphicar Launch to the left side of the building. They have the largest collection of Amphicars anywhere in the world! With rides going nonstop all day, we were told that some of the cars in their inventory were purchased just for parts. Even just watching them launch, we were entertained and transported back in time.

Tips For Purchasing Amphicar Ride Tickets

You can buy tickets to take a ride in an amphicar in the “Boatique” gift shop. The tour takes about 30 minutes total costs $125 per car that seats up to 4. We recommend taking the boat tour after your meal because you can receive a $25 discount on the ticket price with your receipt!

Scenic Views From Every Table

Located in Lake Buena Vista in Disney Springs, you are guaranteed a stunning view from every table.  We sat inside at a window, overlooking the lake. There were boat slips along the back of the restaurant with seating along the entire dock.  Even though it was 91 degrees outside, it looked shaded and breezy enough to be comfortable.

The Boathouse Captain Steve 2-947850-editedAye Aye Captain!

When we were seated, we had 2-3 people come by our table within the first minute or two to clear the extra place settings and set us up with waters.  They were very subtle yet attentive! Our “Captain” Steve came by to introduce himself, to answer any questions about the Boathouse Disney menu and give us the breakdown of the day’s specials.  He was filled with interesting facts about the menu. He was also VERY helpful in not only menu selections, but things to do on our day out at Disney Springs!  Captain Steve and his wife spend their weekends out on date nights trying out all the latest spots.

Surprising Recommendations From A True Foodie

When we asked Captain Steve’s opinion on ordering a large plate to share, like the famous $75 crab boil, and spending the afternoon at the Boathouse vs a few small bites and trying out a few other spots, he was happy to give us a list of his favorites!  Some of his recommendations were surprising, like the fact that the Splitsville Luxury Lanes bowling alley has the best sushi!?, Homecomin‘ squeezes all of the juices for their cocktails, and Morimoto Asia puts out a mean ramen bowl).

Ordering From The Boathouse Disney Springs Menu

Based on the twinkle in Captain Steve’s eyes, we decided to order small bites and a few drinks.  The crab boil was pretty tempting, though!  Maybe next time? Every plate that came to our table was delicious. The seasoning, flavors, fresh ingredients… it was everything we could’ve asked for.

The Boathouse Restaurant Chef Specials

The Boathouse Mahi tacos were ordered from the specials menu – they are not part of the regular menu.  They were DELICIOUS! Fresh micro herbs, seared Mahi, avocado and handmade tortilla shells topped with a spicy Hawaiian barbeque sauce.  We also ordered the Filet Mignon Sliders, found under the “sandwiches” section of the menu. They come with two sliders and french fries. The “Maitre d’ Butter” has fresh garlic and herbs and is AMAZING!  The filet is cooked to perfection and is so tender, falling apart when you look at it!

Comparing The Best Seafood at Disney Springs

One final note: If you are comparing The Boathouse vs Paddlefish (the other steak & seafood upscale restaurant at Disney Springs), we would HANDS DOWN recommend the Boathouse. No questions asked. From the atmosphere to the food and drinks… it was truly a better experience.

Learn more about the Boathouse restaurant on Disney’s website.

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