Walt Disney World Announces 2022 Ticket Price Increases

Disney World Ticket Prices Increase

For the first time since March 2019, Walt Disney World ticket prices will increase significantly. This is the biggest adjustment in ticket price since before the pandemic. Single-day tickets will not be affected by this price increase, but visitors should expect a difference in multi-day tickets.

Disney World Base Ticket Prices Increase

Disney World Ticket Prices Increase

Disney World base tickets are for guests who would like to visit one park per day. These tickets are available to be purchased from one to ten days of park entry. Base tickets are good at any of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks but are not valid for Disney’s waterparks. Guests may enter the single park of their choosing multiple times in one day.

For instance, if you are going to EPCOT and want to take an afternoon swim at the Boardwalk Resort’s pool, you can return to EPCOT in the evening with that same base ticket.

The price increase for Disney World Base Tickets is as follows:

Base TicketsPrevious Ticket Prices2022 WDW Base Ticket Prices
1-3 day ticketsUnchangedUnchanged
4-day tickets$434.83-$596.74$447.70-$596.74
5-day tickets$463.56-$630.85$484.52-$646.87
6-day tickets$477.79-$645.91$496.43-$672.25
7-day tickets$492.06-$661.56$511.10-$694.96
8-day tickets$518.17-$678.83$545.19-$716.20
9-day tickets$536.00-$691.93$563.46-$738.66
10-day tickets$553.69-$703.65$582.09-$752.40

Disney World Park-Hopper Ticket Prices Increase

Disney World Ticket Prices Increase

Disney World Park-Hopper tickets are among the more popular ticket options because they give guests the freedom to explore multiple parks in one day. You can enjoy breakfast at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, ride Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest in the afternoon, and then end the evening watching Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios.

Park-hopper tickets are great for visitors who want to fit as much fun into one day as possible.

The price increase for Disney World Park-Hopper Tickets is as follows:

Park-Hopper TicketsPrevious Ticket Prices2022 WDW Park-Hopper Ticket Prices
1-2 day ticketsUnchangedUnchanged
3-day tickets$415.77-$555.85$416.37-$555.88
4-day tickets$525.35-$687.27$540.89-$687.27
5-day tickets$554.09-$721.38$572.47-$739.92
6-day tickets$568.32-$736.44$586.96-$762.77
7-day tickets$582.59-$752.08$601.63-$785.48
8-day tickets$608.69-$769.36$628.04-$810.55
9-day tickets$626.53-$782.46$649.96-$827.00
10-day tickets$644.22-$794.17$671.55-841.86

Disney World Park-Hopper Plus Ticket Prices Increase

Disney World Park-Hopper Plus tickets add even more fun to the standard park-hopper option. In addition to theme park entry, Park-Hopper Plus tickets include access to Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and both of the miniature golf courses on property. These extra options work a little differently than theme park access, where you can enter the parks as many times in the day as you choose. The amount of entries you get depends on the number of days you purchase. For example, if you bought a six-day Park-Hopper Plus ticket and want to visit Fantasia Gardens mini-golf and Blizzard Beach on the same day, then you will use two of your six entries.

The price increase for Disney World Park-Hopper Plus Tickets is as follows:

Park-Hopper Plus TicketsPrevious Ticket Prices2022 WDW Park-Hopper Plus Ticket Prices
1-2 day ticketsUnchangedUnchanged
3-day tickets$437.07-$577.18$437.67-$577.18
4-day tickets$546.65-$708.57$559.53-$708.57
5-day tickets$575.39-$742.68$593.53-$761.22
6-day tickets$589.62-$757.74$612.02-$784.07
7-day tickets$603.89-$773.38$622.98-$806.78
8-day tickets$629.99-$790.66$653.57-$828.03
9-day tickets$647.83-$803.76$678.94-$844.66
10-day tickets$665.47-$815.47$698.43-$863.16

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