Disney’s Polynesian Bungalow: Is it Worth the Points?

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Disney Vacation Club resorts are a lot of things. They are comfortable, convenient, and family-friendly, but they’ve never been cheap. They’re perfectly positioned for a Walt Disney World visit and offer a whole host of convenient amenities like on-site dining and massive pool areas, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that their price tag is a little bigger than that of other resort brands. Still, these costs can leave travelers a bit wary when it comes to making the choice to purchase points. That wariness can get even stronger with unconventional properties like Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows. If you’re on the fence about this island-themed DVC offering, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together everything you need to know to help you decide if the Bungalows are worth the DVC points it costs.

What Are Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows Like?

As you can probably guess, the bungalows aren’t quite the same as your average resort suite. It is a one-of-a-kind experience. Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows are located at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. These distinct Polynesian Bungalows are right on the water and are filled with South Pacific decor to make you feel like you’ve stepped into an island paradise. You’ll have two spacious bedrooms in the bungalows, with the primary bedroom boasting a king-sized bed and the secondary bedroom featuring a queen-sized bed and pull-down bed. In addition, in the living room, there is a queen-size Murphy bed and a twin-size Murphy bed.

There’s also a full kitchen complete with all the appliances you’ll need to prepare delicious meals right from the comfort of your Bungalow. Need to take care of laundry? No problem! You’ll have a washer and dryer just steps away from the living room. A spacious deck with a plunge pool rounds out the Bungalow amenities, allowing for an incredible view of the Electrical Water Pageant each night.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Suites vs Polynesian Bungalows

If you’ve looked into Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows before, you might be wondering about the difference between them and the other suites offered nearby. So, what exactly are Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort suites, and how do they differ from the Bungalows? Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort suites are located right by the Polynesian Bungalows. The two are basically neighbors! These accommodations share the same amenities, but where they differ is in the living space. Polynesian Bungalows are located right on the water and offer a unique, South Pacific-themed vacation experience.

Meanwhile, the Polynesian Village Resort’s accommodations offer a more traditional DVC experience with suites. Both vacation experiences have a lot to love, but which is the best? At the end of the day, that’s up to you! DVC members who love the idea of staying at a refined beach house will likely prefer the Bungalows, but guests who want something a bit more conventional will love the suites.

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Amenities at Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows

This property offers guests a tropical getaway right in the heart of Orlando. You’ll be able to cool off right at the resort’s two on-site pools. The lava pool has a towering volcano, a waterfall, and a 142-foot-long waterslide. There’s also a lounge and bar that lets you enjoy a delicious drink right by the water. If you want something a little quieter, unwind at the Oasis Pool, which is nestled amid a lush, tranquil garden. Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows also hosts plenty of fun activities like fishing, boating on Seven Seas Lagoon, and watching movies under the stars. You can also end the day by gathering around the campfire and roasting some marshmallows. Don’t forget to check out the electrical water pageant on Lake Buena Vista!

The resort also boasts plenty of dining options so that you can enjoy a delicious meal without having to leave the resort. Start or end your day at Ohana, a Polynesian-themed restaurant that serves both breakfast and dinner. Do you like your meals with a little extra Asian flair? Then you can’t go wrong with Kona Cafe. This restaurant features an onstage sushi kitchen so you can see the pros at work. Captain Cook rounds out the heftier meal offerings at Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows with classic American and South Pacific cuisine. For lighter options, swing by Kona Island for coffee, pastries, and even sushi, or hit up Pineapple Lanai for snacks. Last but not least, if you love a good drink, check out Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto or Tiki Terrace, Tambu Lounge – Great Ceremonial House, or the resort’s two pool bars.

Things to Do Near Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows

With so many amenities and spacious accommodations, Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows have so much to enjoy that you may not want to leave. Still, if you’ve come to Florida, it’s safe to say you’re probably there to explore, and fortunately, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is perfectly positioned to make it happen. In fact, this island paradise offers a bus ride to many popular destinations. From easy access to nearby Disney Theme Parks to a close proximity to plenty of fun things to do in Orlando, here are the top attractions near Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows.

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Visit Disney World

Of course, one of the biggest benefits Disney Vacation Club members enjoy is unbeatable access to the Disney Parks, and Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows is no exception! You’ll be just a ferry or monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom, so you can visit the Cinderella Castle in no time at all. Of course, aside from the Magic Kingdom, you’ll also be close to the other parks like Epcot or Animal Kingdom. Lots of fun attractions are coming to the parks this year, like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, new scenes in Star Tours, and a reimagined “The Little Mermaid” live show at Hollywood Studios. As a result, there’s no better time to plan a trip to Walt Disney World.

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Explore Icon Park

Located in a tourism corridor called the I-Drive, this park is a must-see location. It boasts the 6th largest ferris wheel in the world, with incredible views to match. The 20-minute ride takes guests 400 feet into the air and offers a view of Disney World, Universal, and Orlando’s many nature reserves and lakes. Plus, with over 50 restaurants, bars, and boutique shops, you could easily spend several days at Icon Park alone! The Museum of Illusions offers a series of mind-boggling attractions that are sure to confuse your senses in weird and surprising ways. This wacky and creative museum is sure to be fun for visitors of all ages! Do you love the sea? Then check out Sea Life Orlando! The aquarium features Florida’s only 360 Ocean Tunnel, which gives guests a once-in-a-lifetime view of aquatic life! You’ll be able to see all of this just a short drive away from Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows.

Check Out the Great Outdoors in Orlando

Just off the beaten path, you’ll find that Orlando has plenty to enjoy for those who prefer the outdoors. This city harbors forests, prairies, and wetlands to explore, away from civilization. If you enjoy observing flora, check out the Harry P. Leau Gardens. From azaleas to bromeliads, these gardens offer plenty to see. The gardens also feature a collection of sculptures and seasonal art exhibits. Whether you like nature, the arts, or both, these gardens are a great place to visit. If hiking is your thing, then Wekiwa Springs State Park is a must-see location! The park has miles of trails you can explore on foot, bike, or even on horseback. Wekiwa Springs also features a wide variety of habitats, from the dense, almost tropical hammocks near where the springs feed into the Wekiva River to the scenic sandhill uplands. It’s no wonder this is Orange County’s longest-running tourist attraction!

Best Way to Buy a Timeshare at Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows

If you’re interested in buying a timeshare at Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows, you’re probably wondering what the best way to do it is. After all, Disney Vacation Club points aren’t exactly cheap! With that said, there is a way to save some money on this South Pacific-themed resort: the timeshare resale market.

When you buy a timeshare resale, you’ll still enjoy the same great experience you’d get at a resort, with luxurious amenities and plenty of space to stretch your legs, but for a lower price. This makes buying DVC resale a good deal, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are some DVC resale restrictions you’ll want to be aware of. For instance, if you are a new DVC member who joins by buying a timeshare resale, you won’t have access to certain discounts or specific collections in the Member Getaways Program. It’s up to you to decide if buying resale is right for you.

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Are Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows Worth It?

So, with everything in mind, you might still be asking if Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows are worth it. At the end of the day, that’s up to you! If you love the resort’s spacious villas, luxurious amenities, and easy access to great attractions, it might be time to make this your new home away from home. Ready to get started? Then check out our marketplace! We have listings not just from Disney Vacation Club but also from other top developers like Westgate, Hilton Grand Vacations, Marriott. and more! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-410-8326 or email us at [email protected]. Our licensed agents are always happy to help!

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