How to Sell Wyndham Timeshare: Step-by-Step Guide

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Wyndham Destinations is one of the largest and best vacation clubs out there. With multiple brands under their portfolio, hundreds of destinations and resorts, as well as the RCI exchange network, it’s easy to see why so many owners love their Wyndham timeshares. However, sometimes life can get in the way of our vacation lifestyles, and it might be time to move on. If you’re looking to sell your Wyndham timeshare there are many options to turn to. Take a look at our in-depth guide on selling your Wyndham timeshare so you don’t run into any pitfalls.

Before Selling Your Wyndham Timeshare

If you’re curious about the process to sell Wyndham timeshare make sure to consider a few things first. As the largest vacation ownership brand in the industry, Wyndham Destinations has a wealth of benefits and opportunities for owners. There are several brands under Wyndham’s portfolio, each offering unique destinations and ownership types.

Before you sell your Wyndham timeshare, consider the reasons why. If you feel like you’ve seen it all, don’t forget that you can bank, borrow, and spend your Wyndham points however you like. With the internal exchange capabilities, Wyndham owners can use their points for thousands of other resorts or hotels outside of their Home resort. What’s more, you can choose how long you want to stay, and when.

Did you know, Wyndham Destinations owns the world’s first-ever vacation exchange platform? RCI allows timeshare owners to trade their points or weeks for thousands of destinations around the world. One major benefit of owning a Wyndham timeshare is the ability to join RCI and experience even more vacation opportunities. If you were to sell your Wyndham timeshare, you wouldn’t be able to reap the rewards of RCI’s exchange platform. This includes discounts on airfare, car rentals, and even cruises.

How to Sell Wyndham Timeshare: Review Your Options

When you decide to sell your Wyndham timeshare, there are several options to consider. The first thing we always recommend is to contact Wyndham directly to review your options. As a Member of ARDA and participant in the Coalition for Responsible Exit, Wyndham provides in-house solutions for their owners.

Wyndham Cares

There is a lot more that goes into owning a Wyndham timeshare than you may realize. Whether you are struggling with getting the most use out of your ownership, or considering if timeshare is still right for you, Wyndham Cares can help guide you through all of these questions. This free service can help plan and book vacations, or answer questions related to exiting your timeshare.

If aren’t sure if you want to sell Wyndham timeshare yet, or you’re not using it this year, Wyndham Cares can even help you rent out your ownership and put some money back into your pocket.

Certified Exit – backed by Wyndham

This new program is one-of-a-kind and offers the best guidance to owners looking to sell or get out of their Wyndham timeshare. Replacing “Ovation,” Certified Exit – back by Wyndham is the one-stop resource for all questions you may have about exiting. One of their representatives can offer guidance for each unique circumstance and offer solutions.

Furthermore, if your loan is completely paid off and you are up-to-date on all fees, Certified Exit allows you to return your ownership. While Wyndham will not outright buy back your timeshare, it is easiest and fastest to give it back to them. But, should you choose to sell instead, their program can refer you to a trusted and legitimate timeshare resale company.

Other options that Certified Exit – backed by Wyndham can help you with:

  • Transfer your ownership to another family member, completely free!
  • Apply for a hardship exception for personal tragedy that no longer allows you to afford your ownership.
  • Reduce the amount of points in your contract.
  • Maintenance fee relief options.
  • Selling your Wyndham timeshare on the secondary market.

Common Resale Scams When You Sell Wyndham Timeshare

If you decide to sell your Wyndham timeshare, there are some common red flags to look out for. Luckily, if you choose to use a resale company that is a partner with Wyndham, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. While you’re reviewing all of your options, make sure you are aware of some of these resale scams.

Timeshare Exit or Cancellation

Unless you are within the rescission period for your Wyndham contract (the time period right after purchase), you cannot simply cancel your Wyndham timeshare. Timeshare exit companies or timeshare cancellation companies will make false guarantees and flood the industry with negative messaging to trick owners that are susceptible to scams. What’s more, they will demand a steep up-front fee (thousands of dollars) for a service that they really can’t provide. A successful “exit” or cancellation is merely just foreclosing on your ownership. Not only do these companies receive extremely high up-front payments, but the result of their services can also harm your credit for good.

Out of the Blue Buyers

Whether you are currently selling your Wyndham timeshare or not, you may receive phone calls from unrecognized numbers that claim they are a broker with a “buyer waiting” for your property. What’s more, they may even offer you more than what you originally purchased your Wyndham timeshare for. Be aware that this is in all likelihood a scam. First of all, a legitimate resale company will never reach out to you unsolicited. This is actually illegal! What’s more, they will likely asker for a “wiring” or “transfer” fee upfront. You should also take this as a sign that the caller is not legitimate.

Up-front Fees to Sell Your Wyndham Timeshare

In some cases, owners will choose to use an advertising company that specializes in vacation ownership to market their timeshare for sale. They will ask for a nominal up-front fee, or what they call an advertising fee. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that your timeshare will sell if you use one of these companies. Some owners decide to go this route so they have more control of the asking price and the sale. There are several timeshare resale advertising companies that are Members of ARDA and adhere to strict guidelines.

However, timeshare cancellation attorneys or exit companies, as we mentioned before, will ask for exorbitant fees that are just not realistic. You should never have to pay to sell your Wyndham timeshare. In fact, it’s common that the buyer will take on all of the transfer fees, commissions, and closing costs at the time of sale. Unless the buyer wants to negotiate otherwise, you should not have any up-front costs.

Learn More: How to Sell Timeshare Without Upfront Fees

How Do I Sell My Wyndham Timeshare?

When you’re ready to sell your Wyndham timeshare, we can help. As Wyndham’s Recommended Resale Brokerage, we specialize in timeshare resales. What’s more, our Licensed Real Estate Brokerage has been in business for over 20 years assisting Wyndham owners.

  1. Get started by filling out a form on our website or calling one of our agents at 1-800-410-8326 (410-TEAM). We’ll give you a free consultation at no obligation to go over the services we can provide to you.
  2. Then, we will create a listing for your Wyndham timeshare. Should you decide to accept our services, there are zero up-front fees. We will work together to create your Wyndham timeshare listing and set the offer price. This is up to you, but your agent can give you an estimate of what other Wyndham timeshares are selling for at your resort. Throughout this process, you will have direct communication with your agent and we can adjust purchase prices and such accordingly.
  3. When an offer is made on your listing, we will contact you to go over the details. Fidelity Real Estate agents can facilitate the negotiations for you. These can include who will be paying for commissions, resort trasnfer fee, closing fees, and more. Once we finalize all negotiations, we’ll write the contracts for you and the buyer to sign. This is done electronically via a secure e-signature website. This makes it easy for all parties to move along the closing process quickly.
  4. Once contracts are written and signed, it’s not over yet! The Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is in every timeshare contract, and gives the developer the right to review the sale before we close. Wyndham has the ability to exercise the ROFR and step in as the buyer. Essentially, if Wyndham chooses to, they can accept all terms of the contracts and buy your Wyndham timeshare back themselves. If Wyndham waives the ROFR, this means that Wyndham is allowing the sale to continue between original parties. The sale cannot continue until the ROFR is complete, making it an essential step in the resale process!
  5. Once the ROFR is waived by the resort, we can direct you to a trusted title company that will transfer the title out of your name. The title company will process the title transfer and send the new title and documents to the resort and the county the resort is located in. Be patient because it’s almost done!
  6. After the title is transferred out of your name, you should contact the resort (Wyndham in this case) to confirm the membership is out of your name. Do not stop paying your maintenance fees until you confirm with the resort, HOA or mortgage lender that you are no longer obligated to pay your ownership fees. Until this is done, you will still be responsible for paying the maintenance fees.

FAQ About Selling Wyndham Timeshare Points

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments and we will make sure to address each question about selling Wyndham timeshares in the blog, as well as respond to you directly.

Can I sell my Club Wyndham timeshare?

As the owner, you are definitely able to sell your Club Wyndham timeshare if you choose to. Before you sell, make sure to research all of your options, such as renting out your ownership, gifting it to a friend or family member, or giving it back to Wyndham.

How can I sell my Wyndham points?

There are many options to sell your Wyndham points. You can sell your ownership on your own, by advertising your points for sale online social media or various owner forums. There are also timeshare advertising companies that market your property for you, as well as licensed real estate brokerages that specialize in timeshare resales. If you do decide to handle selling your Wyndham points on your own, make sure you are familiar with the entire closing process, as it is complex and every detail matters!

Can I sell my timeshare back to Wyndham?

Through Wyndham Cares “Certified Exit – Backed by Wyndham“, owners are able to return their timeshare back to Wyndham if their loan is paid off and all maintenance fees are up-to-date. Contact Wyndham Cares directly to review your options.

Can I cancel my Wyndham timeshare?

Unless you are within the rescission period, you cannot cancel your Wyndham timeshare. Timeshare cancellation companies will ask for steep up-front fees and in reality, a successful “cancellation” they provide ends up putting owners into foreclosure. This can hurt your credit and will stay on your credit report.

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