Should I Buy Timeshare Resale?

Should I Buy Timeshare Resale

Do you want to enjoy a lifetime of vacations? How about saving money on those luxurious getaways? If the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” then timeshares might be right for you! When you buy a timeshare, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of vacations at a destination of your choosing. If you’re interested in vacation ownership but want to save some money, buying a timeshare resale is a great way to do so. Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the timeshare resale market. From how to find timeshares for sale to an overview of top developers like Marriott Vacation Club, Disney Vacation Club and Club Wyndham, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to buy a timeshare resale.

What Is Timeshare Resale?

In short, timeshare resales are timeshares being sold by owners who no longer wish to use their vacation ownership. One benefit of buying a timeshare resale is how much money you can save. Since timeshares rarely appreciate in value, timeshare resales are often listed for a fraction of the retail price. This means you can ensure yearly vacations to make memories with your family for much less. Oftentimes some member benefits transfer from the original owner to the buyer, so be sure to ask your agent beforehand.

Another bonus to buying a timeshare resale is being able to browse listings right from home rather than going through a long timeshare tour. You can search for the best vacation clubs to join, like Marriott Vacation Club or Hilton Grand Vacations. Each vacation ownership club has its own benefits, exchange options, and portfolio. Have you ever stayed in a resort that you absolutely LOVED and wanted to travel back to? Chances are, you can with a timeshare and get a great deal when you buy resale.

Is Timeshare Real Estate?

When it comes to the question of whether a timeshare is real estate, the answer is yes and no. When purchasing a residential home, buyers look for potential investments or a place to settle down. The flow of buying and selling residential properties is normal, with buyers normally purchasing homes that have already been lived in rather than buying straight from a developer. Timeshares are usually deeded, like real estate, but are not necessarily comparable. Timeshares do not increase in value over time, and it’s not as easy to sell your timeshare. Buyers can’t simply call an agent and schedule a private viewing of your ownership. Owners really do own a portion of their resort, but resale doesn’t work exactly like the real estate market. As a result, timeshare sales don’t work quite the same.

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Timeshares Worth Buying

As mentioned previously, a timeshare is not an investment. While there are some exceptions, timeshares worth buying are usually not going to appreciate in value. Depending on your travel preferences, you will want to consider which timeshares are worth buying. If you’d like extra flexibility, you’ll likely want a points-based timeshare. Meanwhile, if you’d prefer to visit one beloved destination at the same time each year, a weeks-based timeshare is probably best for you. What makes a timeshare worth buying depends entirely on your preferences because, in the end, their value comes from being used over a lifetime of vacations!

How Many Types of Timeshares Are There Youtube Video

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Top Timeshare Brands

Before we discuss what the top timeshare brands are, it’s important to cover what makes certain timeshare brands good. Brands like Hilton Grand Vacations, Marriott, and Disney Vacation Club draw in hundreds of thousands of timeshare owners thanks to their flexibility and fantastic locations. In particular, these brands offer points-based timeshares, which let you travel to any resort in the brand’s network as long as you’ve purchased enough points. Here are some of the top timeshare brands you’ll want to keep an eye on when browsing the secondary market.

How to Buy a Timeshare Resale

The process of buying a timeshare resale is relatively simple. If you’re not sure which vacation club to join or what type of ownership is best, there are many resources out there that can help. With the secondary market, you get to pick if you want to buy points or weeks, which brand you like best, and even your Home resort.

The best way to buy a timeshare resale is with a trusted, third-party company with experience in the industry.

Is Timeshare Resale A Scam?

You may have heard that timeshare resales are not legitimate and that all timeshares are a scam. While some companies or individuals out there only look to prey on unsuspecting buyers and sellers, timeshare resale itself is not a scam. There are definitely legitimate timeshare resale companies that are looking out for the best interest of their customers. It’s simply owners looking to sell their interests, usually with the help of a third party. That means finding timeshares for a sale can be easy and convenient as long as you work with the right people. Interested in learning who can help you navigate the world of timeshare resales? We’ll be covering reputable timeshare resale companies down below.

Timeshare Sales

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Are There Any Legitimate Timeshare Resale Companies?

Great question! The answer is yes. As times are changing, the timeshare industry is, too. While some want you to believe the resale market is full of scammers, this simply is not the case. We won’t deny there are still scams out there, but it is possible to find a reputable timeshare resale company. When looking for a reputable company to buy a timeshare resale from, check the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, the American Resort Development Association is a great source and indicator of a reputable resale company. Members of ARDA uphold a strict code of ethics and are vetted by professionals in the industry. ARDA is a trusted source if you’re unsure where to turn for timeshare help.

Who Can Help Me With Timeshare Resales?

When you navigate the resale market, you’ll want to work with a company you can trust. You’ll want to work with Fidelity Real Estate. We have been in the resale industry for over 20 years. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we’re a proud member of ARDA. Not to mention, we’ve been a featured reseller for many large brands in the industry. We also specialize in both sides of the timeshare resale process. That means we can help you get the best service and support when buying or selling your timeshare. If you’re new to the market, welcome! Our marketplace is straightforward and easy to use, so you can spend less time planning and more time enjoying exciting vacations.

How Can I Purchase a Timeshare?

How to buy a timeshare

If you decide to make a purchase and find a listing for a timeshare for sale that you love, it’s simple to make an offer online or with the help of one of our agents. We’ll guide you through every step of the buying process so you can navigate the world of timeshare sales as conveniently as possible. Normally, buyers will pay closing costs, but this is something that can be negotiated. Another thing to look out for is how many points are left in the owner’s Use Year or how long you will have to wait to use the ownership. This can be a smart negotiating tactic when it comes time to buy timeshare resale.

Navigating the Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

Many industry professionals will advise you to a licensed agent when buying a resale because it can be quite a process on your own. If the seller accepts your offer, don’t jump for joy just yet. Your agent will then send the signed contracts to the developer to undergo the Right of First Refusal, more commonly referred to as ROFR. The Right of First Refusal is a clause in every timeshare contract, no matter the developer. It allows the developer a chance to reclaim the ownership before it is sold to a new owner. The developer can either choose to step in as the buyer and accept the contract as is or allow the timeshare sale to proceed between the original parties.

Your agent at Fidelity will handle all communications with the developer and let you know if they waived the timeshare sale or exercised the ROFR on your timeshare purchase. If the developer chooses to take over the sale, don’t worry! Many listings are available, and we can help you find another one. Something to keep in mind when the developer exercises the ROFR is that they may be reclaiming all of the contracts that come in from a specific resort. Or, the offer may have been within their means to buy it back themselves. While those $1 listings on eBay are a great steal, the developer will likely exercise the ROFR in this case.

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Benefits of Timeshare Resale You Don’t Always Hear About

We already covered the savings that come with resale, but there are other benefits of timeshare resale that not many people know. If you’re looking to add to your existing ownership, you can do it for much less while keeping all of your original benefits. Many DVC owners will look to the resale market to buy more points for bigger and better vacations. So if you want to visit the Disney World theme parks in Florida, saving up your points can help you take a longer vacation there. While there are some restrictions with resale, like which resorts you can use your points at, there are some ways around that.

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Vacation Exchange Networks

If you’re a timeshare buyer who loves trying new things, vacation exchange networks are about to become your best friend. These networks allow owners to sign up and trade their points or weeks for a stay at thousands of other timeshare resorts worldwide. This means you don’t have to travel back to the same resort every year or even within your brand. If there’s a destination you have in mind, it’s a safe bet vacation exchange can get you to it. Keep in mind that not every vacation club is affiliated with each vacation exchange network. So if your home resort is from Marriott Vacation Club, for example, you’ll have access to destinations affiliated with Interval International.

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Can You Buy Timeshare Points Resale?

An amazing way to have flexible timeshare ownership is to use timeshare points. The question is, can you buy timeshare points resale? Of course, you can! The fact of the matter is that you can buy pretty much any timeshare on the resale market, and that includes points. By buying points resale, you’ll have the freedom to choose where you vacation but at an amazing price. Search our marketplace today by brand, resort, or point allotment.

So, Should You Buy A Timeshare Resale?

At the end of the day, the question of should you buy a timeshare resale is one you can only answer for yourself. Resales are a great way to save money on vacation ownership, and you’ll often get many of the perks you would enjoy from buying direct. If you’d like to get started, then check out our marketplace! We have listings for timeshares for sale from vacation clubs like Westgate, Club Wyndham, Marriott Vacation Club, and more. Once you find one you like, just make an offer and you’ll be on the path to becoming an owner at one of the top brands! If you have any questions, our licensed agents are happy to help. Please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-410-8326.

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