Money Magazine Reports on Value of Timeshare Ownership

Money Magazine Reports on Timeshare Value

The great savings and unique experiences available through timeshare ownership are nothing new to us — at Fidelity we’ve been strong proponents of the timeshare product for two decades — but an article featured in the September issue of the nationally-circulated financial publication Money reveals that the benefits of vacation ownership are making timeshare value an increasingly mainstream method of vacationing.

Timeshare Value

In the article “Investing in Memories”, Money expounds upon the advantages that timeshares offer, particularly to large families wishing to vacation together comfortably rather than squeezing into cramped hotel rooms. Combined with the added flexibility of vacation club point systems rather than the traditional fixed-week timeshare, the benefits of timeshares have begun to attract a whole new generation of vacationers eager to explore the world on high-quality trips. The article notes that “vacation ownership is trending younger now” and new owners are “demographically upscale and professional.” 

Money interviewed several timeshare owners and industry professionals for the article, including long-time timeshare user Elaine Sanchez who said, “We wanted adventures…So we bought timeshares. We’re very happy we did.”

Also among those interviewed for the article is Fidelity’s very own President, Sam Pontius, who was asked about the emerging resale market. Many people considering timeshares for the first time fail to realize that purchasing directly from developers is not the only avenue to vacation ownership, and Pontius was glad for the opportunity to shed some light on this issue. He spoke to the timeshare resale market’s ability to facilitate transactions between current owners and prospective owners through licensed real estate companies like Fidelity, or online resale marketplaces such as Timeshares Only.” We’re connecting buyers and sellers in a secure and more affordable environment. We deliver a service built by consumer demand, designed to attract a new generation of engaged buyers through transparency and savings.”

Clearly, this approach is proving effective. Money reports that “new owners are nearly 10 years younger than traditional timeshare owners, with a median age of 39. About 72% are employed full-time.”

You can read the full article Investing in Memories here.

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