Disney Reopens Plans COVID19

Disney Announces Reopening Plans for 2020

On May 27, Walt Disney World shared its plans to reopen its theme parks, hotels and stores as the world plans for a future alongside COVID-19. Pending approval of the plan from Orange County and state officials, guests and owners may be welcomed back as soon as June 22nd to resorts and July 11th to the theme parks....

News from Fidelity

Fidelity Resales Owner Weighs in On the Future of Timeshare

The Summer 2019 issue of the Colebrook Chronicle was published with the latest updates on the timeshare industry. Some of the topics covered in the 13th issue included the rise in misleading timeshare exit companies and the impact they have on owners, resorts, lenders, attorneys and developers, in addition to insight from industry leaders on the future of timeshare. The Colebrook Chronicle is a great...

Travel to Europe Without a Passport at Disney’s Brand New Riviera Resort

Get ready to travel to a new far-out destination—except it’s actually only a short flight to Orlando’s Walt Disney World. Disney Vacation Club announced last July that a new resort property would be joining the family in December of this year and DVC members are twiddling their thumbs in excitement. The brand-new Riviera Resort will transport guests to the European coastline with its grandeur...

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