2021-22 RCI Fees You Need to Know

rci fees 2021 2022

For the purpose of preserving historical data, here are the 2020-2021 RCI fees to join and participate in the vacation exchange network. These fees are no longer relevant, please click here to see the current year’s RCI fees.

When you join RCI, you must own a timeshare at an affiliate resort so you can trade your points or weeks on the platform. There are fees that come with joining, so it’s important to keep these in mind before you sign up.

RCI Fees 2021

There are two types of memberships through RCI: RCI Weeks and RCI Points. Additionally, RCI Points and RCI Weeks members have the option to upgrade their benefits with Platinum and Gold memberships.

All price values are shown in USD.

RCI Points Fees 2021-2022

The following RCI fees are effective starting April 18, 2021.

Annual RCI Points Fees Chart

1 Year$124
2 Years$229 
3 Years$321 
4 Years$409 
5 Years$499 

Managing Your RCI Points Deposits

Managing Your PointsPrice
Points Saving Fee$36
Points Extension (Less than or = to 30,000 points)$95
Points Extension (30,001 points or more)$135
Points Extension Fee (WVO Flat Rate)$109
Points Rental Fee$0.03
Points for Deposit Fee$49

Points Protection

Points Protection by RCI was designed to guarantee members a 100% refund on points they spend and end up not using. The price of Points Protection is dependent on the number of nights a stay is.

RCI Points ProtectionPrice
1-2 nights$69
3-4 nights$79
5+ nights$89
*Purchased 30 days of less from the date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date
RCI Points ProtectionPrice
1-2 nights$109
3-4 nights$119
5+ nights$129
*Purchased 31 days or more from the date of vacation confirmation OR 14 days or less from check-in date

RCI Weeks Fees 2021-2022

The following fees are effective starting March 12, 2021.

Annual RCI Weeks Fee Chart

RCI Weeks Subscription FeesTotal CostPrice Per YearYou Save Approx. 
1 Year$99n/an/a
2 Years$179$9010%
3 Years$249$8316%
5 Years$399$8019%

RCI Weeks Online Self-Enrollment Fees

RCI Weeks Online Enrollment FeesPrice
1 Year$159
2 Year$239
3 Year$309
5 Year$459

Managing Your RCI Weeks Deposit

Managing Your RCI WeeksPrice
Deposit Extension – 1 Month   $49
Deposit Extension – 3 Months$89
Deposit Extension – 6 Months $119
Deposit Extension – 12 Months $139
Combine Deposit Fee  – 12 Month expiration$154
Combine Deposit Fee  – 24 Month expiration$231
Vacation Time Transfer Fee$98
Deposit Restore$69
Unit Upgrades and Changes$49

Trading Power Protection

Trading Power Protection (TPP)Price
TPP Purchased 30 days or less from date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date$89
TPP Purchased 31 days or more from date of vacation confirmation OR 14 days or less from check-in date$129

2021 RCI Platinum Points Membership Fees

RCI Points & Weeks Platinum FeesTotal CostPrice Per YearYou Save Approx. 
1 Year$89n/an/a
2 Years$155$77.5013%
3 Years$221$73.6717%
4 Years$279$69.7522%
5 Years$322$64.4028%

2021 RCI Gold Points Membership Fees

Gold Membership FeesTotal CostPrice Per Year 
1 Year$49n/a
2 Years$86$43
3 Years$123$41
4 Years$156$39
5 Years$180$36

2021 Exchange Fee Chart

Members Exchange Vacations Fees Total Cost
Home Week Reservation (7 nights)No charge
Home Resort Reservation (7 nights)$50
RCI Points Reservation 14 nights +$299
RCI Points Reservation: 7-13 nights $229
RCI Points Reservation 6 nights$219
RCI Points Reservation 5 nights$199
RCI Points Reservation 4 nights$159
RCI Points Reservation 3 nights$109
RCI Points Reservation 2 nights$79
RCI Points Reservation 1 night$59
RCI Weeks Reservation (7 nights)$249

Gift Certificate Fee

Guest Certificate TypePrice
Guest Certificate$89
One Time Transfer$98
5 Year Guest Pass$179

Last Call Vacations

Last Call VacationsStudio (1BR)(2BR)
Last Call – Call Center/RCI.com$289$319$349

Reactivation of Membership

The fee to reactivate your RCI membership is $49. In the event your membership is canceled, call RCI to discuss your options.

How to Join RCI

In order to become a member of RCI and enjoy all of the benefits of vacation exchange, you must own a timeshare. Check with your resort to make sure they are affiliated with RCI. You can also browse timeshares for sale on the resale market for a fraction of the cost as opposed to purchasing a timeshare directly from a developer.

Are you already a member of RCI? Let us know in the comments. We want to know what your experience is like! Happy exchanging!

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