DVC Secondary Market

What Is The DVC Secondary Market?

If you are an avid Disney goer or a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) owner, then it's likely that you know or have heard of the DVC secondary market (also known as the DVC resale market). With over 15 family-friendly resorts throughout the United States, owners can experience vacations like never before. If you're interested in buying DVC on the secondary market, keep reading as we break down everything you...

january 2022 average dvc resale price per point

January 2022 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

2022 resales for Disney Vacation Club are starting off with a bang! If you are considering selling your DVC points or purchasing DVC points from the resale market, it's great to keep an eye out on trends and prices. This historic data serves as a reference point for the growth of Disney Vacation Club on the secondary market and the stats shared come strictly from Fidelity Real Estate. Take a look at the...

How To Sell Vacation Club Membership

How To Sell A Vacation Club Membership

Joining a vacation club is a great way to take amazing trips year after year. The timeshare industry is growing and vacation club members love visiting their timeshares. However, a timeshare is a commitment that doesn't always work out for everyone. Sometimes life gets in the way and a vacation club membership becomes too much to handle financially. Alternatively, owners could feel like they've used their...

Timeshare Exit Team Cost

Timeshare Exit Team Cost: Is it Worth It?

Timeshare Exit Teams have been around for a long time appealing to owners who no longer use their timeshare. Is a timeshare exit team really necessary in selling your timeshare? How much does it cost? And, is it worth it?

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