December 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

December 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

If you’re hoping to stay at some of the most magical resorts on Earth, it doesn’t get better than Disney Vacation Club. Otherwise known as DVC, Disney Vacation Club boasts resorts with stellar amenities and luxurious accommodations on both the East and West Coast. Becoming a DVC member is a great way to make the magic of these vacations last for years to come. And if you’re looking to sell your DVC points, we’re here to help you with that, too! Whatever you’re looking for, it’s important to be aware of the price per point for Disney Vacation Club, and how that can change from month to month. That’s where we come in! Read on to learn more about the December 2023 average DVC resale price per point.

What’s Coming Up At Disney


Do you love park hopping? If so, you’ll be happy to know that starting on January 9, guests at Disney World with park hopper benefits will once again be able to visit other Disney parks at any time of day during park hours. This is a major return to how park hopping used to work, so there’s no better time to pick up park hopper tickets or an annual pass.

January 9th also marks the return of the Disney Dining Plan! This plan will allow you to enjoy one table-service meal per night, one quick-service meal, and a snack or nonalcoholic drink. You will also get a resort-refillable drink mug. With these plans, you just need to visit a participating Disney World restaurant. Then, scan your card to enjoy delicious meals.

Last but not least, Epcot will be hosting its International Festival of the Arts from January 12 to February 19. This highly-anticipated event celebrates art in all its forms. Whether it’s visual art, culinary art, or performance art, you’ll see plenty of incredible displays of creativity throughout the month.

Do you want to experience the magic of Disney each year? How about never missing what is new at Disney World or Disneyland? Then, buying DVC might be right up your alley. With many resorts steps from your favorite parks, Disney Vacation Club resorts are the most convenient resorts to stay at. Not to mention, they offer one-of-a-kind amenities and spacious accommodations. Whether you want to buy DVC points on the resale market for the first time or add to your existing membership for less, we have a listing sure to pique your interest.

If you are interested in learning about how Disney World is celebrating the holidays, check out our blog, Disney World Christmas and Holiday Events 2023.

December 2023 Average DVC Resale Price by Contract Size

One major factor that can affect the price of a DVC resale is the size of the contract you purchase. While you would think that larger contracts will always be more expensive than smaller ones, the reality is that it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes, a smaller contract can be even pricier than a larger one. We’ve put together this table to break down the average DVC resale price by point in December 2023 for contracts under 100 points, between 100-200, and over 200 points. Keep in mind that these are just averages, and the prices can vary from contract to contract.

ResortDecember 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Under
100 Pts
December 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Between
100-200 Pts
December 2023 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Over
200 Pts
Animal Kingdom$106.60$93.40$96.74
Bay Lake Tower$131.67$126.00$-
Beach Club Villas$139.33$126.67$119.22
Boulder Ridge$105.00$–$87.00
Copper Creek$–$138.50$120.00
Grand Californian$255.00$–$–
Grand Floridian$151.67$141.00$–
Hilton Head Island$62.50$–$50.00
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$81.84$72.63$72.04
Old Key West (extended)$100.00$–$–
Riviera Resort$–$118.00$–
Saratoga Springs$103.48$96.12$87.50
Vero Beach$55.00$50.00$–

Average DVC Resale Price by Resort

November’23 Average Price/PointOctober’23 Average Price/PointSeptember’23 Average Price/PointAugust ’23 Average Price/PointJuly ’23 Average Price/PointJune ’23 Average Price/PointMay ’23 Average Price/PointApril ’23 Average Price/PointMarch ’23 Average Price/PointFebruary’23 Average Price/ PointJanuary’23 Average Price/Point2022 Average Price/Point
Animal Kingdom$99.46$104.28$102.38$102.65$105.22$106.06$107.95$106.50$104.44$113.08$111.34$117.58$129.17
Bay Lake Tower$128.83$126.21$135.93$135.27$134.75$139.39$137.98$137.98$137.57$143.98$147.39$152.43$154.49
Beach Club Villas$128.91$126.07$130.12$128.60$132.15$135.82$134.60$130.89$134.19$136.54$137.50$141.60$154.74
Boulder Ridge$96.00$93.80$99.91$98.57$89.50$101.00$94.79$101.39$97.82$102.70$109.33$99.62$110.70
Copper Creek$132.33$136.03$129.34$131.27$141.43$134.00$142.13$131.11$141.17$152.60$140.00$150.92$159.47
Grand Californian$255.00$270.00$–$–$–$284.50$320.00$–$245.00$235.50$–$250.00$257.17
Grand Floridian$147.40$154.00$146.11$149.43$150.00$143.00$154.24$150.48$146.75$154.64$145.89$160.75$171.02
Hilton Head Island$58.33$68.00$58.90$63.43$72.10$70.89$63.00$67.41$60.00$61.17$68.50$71.50$76.39
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$75.53$78.70$83.12$85.56$80.00$84.63$84.83$87.47$84.12$84.92$95.70$106.32$111.03
Old Key West (extended)$100.00$102.50$98.33$95.79$–$101.33$99.52$91.00$102.11$90.56$129.00$111.29$124.01
Riviera Resort$118.00$123.67$122.88$133.58$135.00$135.00$123.15$123.67$–$131.20$124.29$125.00$130.35
Saratoga Springs$98.20$94.80$97.66$95.93$96.24$99.05$94.63$94.44$97.41$100.92$104.43$105.04$121.28
Vero Beach$52.50$51.72$55.22$57.46$65.74$56.13$55.96$57.56$60.85$59.08$56.03$68.39$69.54

DVC Resale Prices Are Always Changing!

December 2023 Average DVC Resale Prices Chart

Another important factor to consider is that the resale prices for Disney Vacation Club often change each month. That means that while some resorts may dip in their price, others have a chance to rise. These constant changes make keeping track of the variations in price especially important when you’re looking to buy or sell a DVC timeshare.

It’s also important to think about the location of a resort when it comes to pricing. The more popular the resort, the higher the price per point. It makes sense when you consider supply and demand. More people want to visit specific resorts, which means more people are willing to pay higher prices for them. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you might want to consider less popular resorts. These resorts often still have a lot to love. So you will help you have an enjoyable vacation without having to break the bank. DVC Use Year and the number of points available also affect the price. Remember, a little bit of research goes a long way in finding the perfect timeshare or selling your DVC points at the right price.

If you’d like some help with selling your timeshare, our licensed real estate agents are experts in selling DVC contracts. We’re here to help you every step of the way. While the prices mentioned above can help you through the decision making process, they are just an average. As such, contracts may sell for more or less than the average price. Your DVC contract’s final selling price may be influenced by various factors such as banked points, pending reservations, and annual points. If you’re interested in a free consultation, please fill out the form at the bottom of this blog.

December 2023 Vs. December 2022 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

In just one year, from December 2022 to December 2023, the average DVC resale price per point went from $118.87 to $104.30! Check out the chart below to see the changes in prices over that time period.

ResortDecember 2023December 2022
Animal Kingdom$99.46$124.89
Bay Lake Tower$128.83$151.38
Beach Club Villas$128.91$156.75
Boulder Ridge$96.00$99.00
Copper Creek$132.33$159.25
Grand Californian$255.00$–
Grand Floridian$147.40$162.38
Hilton Head Island$58.33$70.00
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$75.53$107.67
Old Key West (extended)$100.00$112.38
Riviera Resort$118.00$135.00
Saratoga Springs$98.20$105.58
Vero Beach$52.50$64.80

DVC Resale Price Per Point Vs. Direct DVC Price Per Point

ResortDecember ’23 Resale Price/PointCurrent Direct Price/PointPrice Difference/Point
Animal Kingdom$99.46$210.00$110.54
Bay Lake Tower$128.83$275.00$146.17
Beach Club Villas$128.91$275.00$146.09
Boulder Ridge$96.00$215.00$119.00
Copper Creek$132.33$250.00$117.67
Grand Californian$255.00$310.00$55.00
Grand Floridian$147.40$230.00$82.60
Hilton Head Island$58.33$165.00$106.67
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$75.53$–$–
Old Key West$100.00$205.00$105.00
Riviera Resort$118.00$217.00$99.00
Saratoga Springs$98.20$205.00$106.80
Vero Beach$52.50$150.00$97.50

*Direct prices do not reflect any promotions or discounts DVC is offering.

There are two main ways to become a DVC member — buying directly from Disney or a timeshare resale. Which one is better is entirely up to you! At the end of the day, both buying a DVC timeshare on the resale market or directly from Disney comes with pros and cons. While DVC resale owners have some restrictions, the cost savings can make DVC worth it. Regardless of which route you choose, you can rest assured that the Disney Vacation Club is one of the best vacation clubs available.

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