Best Vacation Clubs You Should Join in 2024

Best Vacation Clubs to Join in 2024

Are you a frequent traveler looking to revolutionize the way you vacation? If so, then you might have started exploring the possibilities of timeshares, vacation clubs, and travel clubs. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they each offer unique benefits. In short, a timeshare is a specific interval of time you own at a single resort. The best vacation clubs, on the other hand, give you access to multiple timeshare resorts and multiple timeshare vacations throughout the year. Finally, a travel club is a supplementary service offered by some timeshare companies which confers perks like discounts, experiences, and travel services. As we’ll see, the lines between travel and vacation clubs can get a bit blurry because either may offer similar services to the other. But Fidelity Real Estate is here to clear the air and tell you the best luxury vacation clubs and travel clubs to join in 2024.

What is a Vacation Club?

Vacation clubs are a more modern form of timeshares. They are typically points-based and allow members to spend points at various resorts in the brand’s portfolio. Traditional timeshares are often a fixed week at one resort. Owners return to their resort at the same time every year and even stay in the same unit! Vacation clubs, however, offer more freedom and flexibility. Members can travel worldwide with their membership and stay at different resorts each year.

Vacation Club Vs. Timeshare

Did you know that many of the best vacation clubs are actually timeshares? Marriott Vacation Club, DVC, Hilton, and more offer flexible points-based timeshares that appeal to any type of traveler. Vacation clubs often have multiple resort properties and exchange options compared to a traditional deeded timeshare. However, they are one and the same these days!

Travel Club Vs. Vacation Club

Travel clubs are a great way to save money as well as access a variety of travel services and experiences. Whether it’s a free or paid membership, clubs offer a range of discounts and exclusive perks to members. Airline discounts, hotel bookings, car rentals, and travel packages are some of these discounts. Vacation Clubs have shifted to letting owners use points towards experiences outside of only booking resorts, similar to how travel clubs aren’t just booking hotels. For example, they may let you use your points for theme park tickets, concerts, flights, and more. In short, with a travel club, you get discounts, and with a vacation club, you get annual points that are used as currency to put towards different resorts and experiences.

Still fuzzy on what a timeshare is and how it works? Fidelity can clear things up!

What is a Timeshare?

What is the Best Vacation Club to Join?

Best Vacation Club to Join Infographic

This question relies entirely upon you and your travel preferences. If you’re looking for some vacation magic with the little ones, then Disney Vacation Club has you covered. Is a vacation club with the ultimate luxury timeshare vacation packages what you’re after? Marriott Vacation Club offers exceptional accommodations and resorts. Trying to go worldwide? Then a Wyndham vacation club might be up your alley. In this blog, we’ll go through our top best vacation clubs that you should join in the upcoming year.

Disney Vacation Club

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Waterfront Sunset

Is Disney Vacation Club worth it? Well, with 15 locations across the U.S. and some of the most family-friendly resorts, Disney Vacation Club certainly isn’t a bad choice. As DVC’s recommended resale broker since 2005, we can’t deny this club’s impact on the timeshare industry.

With a points-based timeshare membership, DVC owners love the flexibility of their timeshare vacations. Aulani Resort & Spa in Oahu is a favorite among families for tropical beach vacations. On the other hand, if you’re looking to stay as close to the magic as possible, head to one of the 11 resorts right in Orlando. The newest resort near Disney World, Riviera Resort, for example, offers guests an escape to the French Riviera through its theming and dining options.

Get a look at all of DVC’s Home Resorts so you can decide exactly which one to purchase. Keep in mind, however, that the latest resale restrictions from DVC make it a little more difficult for resale owners to use their points at other DVC resorts. Disney Vacation Club is also part of the Interval International network, making it possible to exchange your DVC points for stays at other luxury resorts! Look through Disney Vacation Club timeshares for sale now.

Pros of DVC

  • Points-based
  • Resorts near popular theme parks
  • Transportation to parks
  • Flexible banking and borrowing
  • Exchange on Interval International

Cons of DVC

  • Popular dates sell out quickly—you must plan ahead!
  • Strict resale restrictions
  • Expensive to join
  • Fewer resort options for world travelers

Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Vacation Club: Marriott's Shadow Ridge Luxury Resort

One of the largest and most popular ownership brands in the industry is Marriott Vacation Club. Following its acquisition of ILG in 2018, Marriott now has over 3,200 resorts in over 80 countries. Its system is more unified and comprehensive than ever before.

Several brands fall under Marriott Vacations Worldwide, such as Hyatt Vacation Club, Vistana Signature Experiences, and even the growing exchange network, Interval International.

Ultimate luxury awaits Marriott Vacation Club owners in resorts across the U.S., as well as the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Marriott’s world-class timeshare resorts offer top-notch accommodations with modern furnishings and spacious units, as well as amazing amenities.

Marriott Vacation Club is the first large hospitality brand to enter the timeshare industry and is now noted as one of the best vacation clubs for travelers. With locations in the most desirable destinations as well as a points-based timeshare membership system that offers flexibility, it’s no secret how great MVC is. Find the best Marriott timeshares for sale in our resale marketplace!

Pros of MVC

  • Points-based
  • Dozens of resorts in top destinations
  • Join the loyalty rewards program for discounts and savings
  • Flexible banking and borrowing
  • Exchange on Interval International

Cons of MVC

  • Expensive to join
  • Popular dates sell out quickly, making it difficult to book

Club Wyndham

Club Wyndham Vacation Club: Ocean Boulevard Luxury Timeshare Resort Myrtle Beach

Belonging to the world’s largest vacation ownership company, Wyndham Destinations, Club Wyndham offers its members access to over 4,000 resorts in 110 countries. Club Wyndham is one of the best and most luxurious vacation clubs out there because of its travel opportunities. Plus, you can think of them as your all-in-one travel agency.

In short, Wyndham will put together a full vacation package just for you. They can help you plan your timeshare vacations, book your flights and car rental, as well as create an itinerary packed with excursions tailored to your preferences. There are several Club Wyndham ownership types: Club Wyndham Select, Club Wyndham Access, and Presidential Reserve. Each type offers different deed options as well as tiers of benefits.

Club Wyndham VIP

Club Wyndham also offers several levels of VIP status, where owners can receive even more benefits. Get the latest specials, last-minute deals, or even discounts on activities. VIP status is awarded past a certain points threshold, with the lowest tier bestowed on owners who buy 300,000 points and the highest on owners who buy at least 1.4 million. However, like most vacation clubs, Club Wyndham places certain restrictions on resale points. In order to earn VIP status, you must buy 300,000 or more points directly from Wyndham. Any points bought on the resale market will not count towards VIP status.

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Under the Wyndham Destinations company, there is also Shell Vacations Club, Margaritaville Vacation Club, Worldmark by Wyndham, and more, making it easy to find the best Wyndham Destinations resorts for you, and making Club Wyndham just about the best timeshare points program for flexibility. Search here to see Wyndham timeshares for sale right now in our inventory.

Pros of Wyndham

  • Points-based
  • Over a hundred resorts in top destinations
  • Flexible banking and borrowing
  • Exchange on RCI
  • Works with a variety of budgets

Cons of Wyndham

  • Somewhat complicated product (many clubs and brands under Wyndham’s umbrella)
  • No rewards/loyalty program

Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Valdoro Mountain Lodge Timeshare

Hilton Grand Vacations Club offers flexibility as well as one-of-a-kind luxury experiences for owners. Their points system is easy to use. In short, owners receive deeded ownership interests at their home resort. The resort you own with, the unit size, season, and week number determine how many ClubPoints you receive each year.

Owners can use their ClubPoints at their home resort time and time again or take their timeshare vacations across the globe. Another benefit for Hilton owners is the Hilton Honors program! When you purchase an HGVC timeshare, you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program. HGVC members and timeshare owners receive special perks like triple or double points when they stay at qualifying resorts and hotels.

HGVC owners can use their ClubPoints and get their HHonors benefits at more than 5,800 resorts within Hilton’s portfolio of brands, located in over 114 countries worldwide. Hhonors can also grant discounts on travel packages, car rentals, air miles, Experience Rewards, and even on Amazon.

Before you buy, make sure you know what to expect with Hilton’s annual fees & dues. Browse Hilton timeshare resales here.

Pros of HGVC

  • Points-based
  • Dozens of resorts in top destinations
  • Loyalty rewards program for discounts and exclusive deals
  • Flexible banking and borrowing
  • Exchange on RCI

Cons of HGVC

  • Pricier to join
  • Fewer resorts than Wyndham or Marriott

Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen Eilan Hotel

Bluegreen Vacations has you covered for an outdoor adventure in the Smoky Mountains, an excursion to the best theme parks in Orlando, and more. Owners of Bluegreen get a glimpse of all sorts of vacations with their Lighthouse Collection, Cityscape Collection, Amusement Collection, Heritage Collection, and of course, the Great Outdoors Collection.

Bluegreen is a points-based vacation club offering owners flexibility when vacation planning. Not to mention, their one-of-a-kind resorts make it possible to get the best of all worlds—quiet cabins, outdoor yurts, or beach resorts with luxury amenities. Their partnership with Bass Pro Shops really identifies this as the best vacation club for the adventurous set. Visit your local Bass Pro Shop to find out how you can enjoy a free Bluegreen vacation with the Bass Pro timeshare promotion. Or, check here for Bluegreen timeshares for sale.

Bluegreen Vacation Club Acquired by Hilton

Did you know Bluegreen Vacations was recently acquired by Hilton? Get the full scoop here!

Pros of Bluegreen

  • Points-based
  • Dozens of resorts in top destinations
  • Flexible banking and borrowing
  • Exchange on RCI

Cons of Bluegreen

  • No loyalty rewards program
  • Some resale restrictions

Hyatt Vacation Club

Hyatt Pinon Pointe View

Falling under the ILG family of luxury vacation clubs, Hyatt Vacation Club provides total luxury. Their Maui destination, the Ka’anapali Beach Resort, for example, will make your vacation feel like a dream. If island time fits your lifestyle best but you want to stay closer to the mainland, the three Hyatt resorts in Key West make up for that.

Hyatt owners can enjoy any of the 16 resorts within the portfolio with their points-based system. As Hyatt is within the ILG network, you can also trade your points on Interval International’s vacation exchange network.

You may also be interested in the World of Hyatt rewards program, where owners can earn points from qualifying resorts or hotels in Hyatt’s portfolio. With four different tiers and elevated benefits for each level, members can work their way up to earn a free night at a qualifying resort or receive suite upgrades. Look through our Hyatt timeshares for sale now!

Pros of Hyatt

  • Points-based
  • Luxury resorts in popular locations
  • Flexible banking and borrowing
  • Exchange on Interval International

Cons of Hyatt

  • Fewer resort options
  • Properties have fewer family-friendly amenities

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Holiday Inn New Orleans

For a family-friendly getaway on a budget, Holiday Inn Club Vacations has been the best timeshare points program since 2008. With over 25 resorts across the US to choose from, families can use Holiday Inn timeshare points to stay at their favorite resorts in the brand’s impressive portfolio. Accommodations at every Holiday Inn Club resort location vary in size and include washers/dryers, living room areas to stretch out in, fully-equipped kitchens, and all the comforts of home.

The flagship location, Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, is famous for its sprawling lazy river and on-site waterpark. There are four villages at Orange Lake, each with unique accommodations and amenities.

There are multiple levels of Holiday Inn Club, with varying tiers of benefits. Depending on your membership level within this luxury vacation club, you can, for example, receive 10% advanced booking window discounts, room upgrades, complimentary nights, and more.

Pros of Holiday Inn Club

  • Points-based
  • Family-friendly and budget-friendly
  • Flexible banking and borrowing
  • Exchange on Interval International & RCI

Cons of Holiday Inn Club

  • Fewer resort options (but growing!)
  • Popular dates can sell out quickly

Westgate Travel Club

Westgate Park City

Westgate Resorts started out as a modest 16-unit resort. Today, however, Westgate Resorts offers over 14,000 villas spread out across 27 resorts, and they continue to add more properties to their portfolio! With fractional ownership, Westgate owners can enjoy vacationing in different destinations across the country every year through Westgate Travel Club. This means that in addition to visiting your home resort annually, you can explore other exciting places, too.

Among Westgate’s diverse portfolio are resorts in some of the most coveted vacation destinations. Stay in teepees, covered wagons, and other themed luxury villas while glamping in Central Florida. Take a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and stay in a mountainside cabin. Is Las Vegas more your style? Westgate Las Vegas Resort is close to the Convention Center and the Strip.

The Westgate Travel Club is divided into three distinct categories known as dimensions. Dimension One is made up of Westgate Club Weeks, while Dimension Two consists of exchange through Interval International. Finally, Dimension Three is comprised of Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection. Each dimension of the Westgate Travel Club offers its own unique set of deals and opportunities.

While Westgate Travel Club is not points based, like a vacation club, if offers internal and external exchange opportunities in addition to its travel club perks. This makes it the best travel club membership for those looking for a more streamlined, simplified form of vacation ownership that doesn’t limit where and when they can stay.

Pros of Westgate Travel Club

  • Luxury resorts in popular locations
  • Family-friendly resort amenities
  • Loyalty rewards program for discounts and exclusive deals
  • Exchange for cruises
  • Exchange on Interval International

Cons of Westgate Travel Club

  • Fewer resort options
  • Not points-based

How Much is a Vacation Club Membership?

Depending on the vacation club you want to join, the cost of a vacation club membership can vary. However, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) has stated that the average cost of a timeshare is $23,940. Remember that while the cost of joining a luxury vacation club is high, you are really paying for a lifetime of vacations, and that in the long run, it will be cheaper than a lifetime of cramped hotel rooms. Moreover, buying a vacation club membership on the timeshare resale market can save you thousands of dollars. Of course, there are maintenance fees as well to keep in mind. These are normally due on an annual basis.

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Join One of the Best Vacation Clubs for Less

When you buy a timeshare or the resale market, you can save a substantial amount of money while still getting to stay at luxurious resorts. To learn more about the difference between buying resale versus direct, watch our video to the right.

Buying Timeshare Resale vs Direct Youtube Video

Did anything from our list of vacation clubs and travel clubs speak to you? Our timeshare resale experts can help you get the best deal on luxury vacation clubs like Wyndham, Disney, Hilton, and more. So what are you waiting for? Start by browsing vacation clubs on our expansive resale marketplace. Or give us a call today at 1 (800) 410-8326.

Already a member of a vacation club? Fidelity Real Estate can help you sell your membership on the resale market!

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