Independent Analysts Rank Disney Saratoga Springs #1 Timeshare Resort

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For years, we’ve been convinced that Disney’s Saratoga Springs is one of the most exceptional vacation resorts available in the United States. Its family-friendly atmosphere, convenient location, and luxury accommodations have made it one of the most popular places to stay at Walt Disney World. In fact, we’re so impressed by Saratoga Springs’ DVC villas that we even recorded one of our visits. But now we’re happy to report that the independent analysts over at have ranked the Disney Saratoga Springs Resort #1 for timeshare resales!

Disney Saratoga Springs

The team over at Sharket analyzed the resale volume and typical pricing of hundreds of timeshare resorts to determine which ones are the most likely to sell quickly and at a high value. The results, which they reported in their article Top 25 Timeshare Resorts 2015, indicate that Disney’s Saratoga Springs maintains the highest resale value of any timeshare resort included in their database. Interestingly, DVC resorts accounted for eight out of the top ten timeshare resorts.

Current DVC members are already aware of the fantastic amenities that Saratoga Springs has to offer, but the results of this research are a strong indication that Disney has created a vacation experience that is consistently valued and still in high demand 12 years after the resort opened. This builds consumer confidence as owners take solace in the knowledge that if they ever need to sell their DVC membership, their DVC points can likely be sold quickly and at a reasonable price on the DVC resale market.

Fidelity conducted similar market research back in February when we reported on the Long-Term Financial Value of Disney Vacation Club. However, Fidelity’s research compared DVC resales to initial developer prices at the time of the resort’s opening in order to track changes in Disney Vacation Club resale value over time. Sharket’s analysis compares timeshare resale trends across various developers.

For more details about the latest trends in Disney Vacation Club resales and other timeshares, stop by and check out some of the fantastic FREE resources that they have provided. Or, if you’re interested in DVC ownership, check out Fidelity’s Saratoga Springs listings.

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