January 2024 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

DVC Resale 2024 Price Per Point

Combining the magic of Disney with the convenience of timeshares, Disney Vacation Club has provided travelers with unforgettable getaways for over 20 years. DVC boasts 16 stellar resorts that cater to a wide range of tastes, which means that there’s sure to be a resort for everyone! If you’d like to buy DVC points without breaking the bank, the resale market is a great way to do so, but just how much do DVC points cost? We’re here to answer that question! According to this month’s Fidelity Real Estate analysis, the average DVC resale price per point at every resort is compared with historical data. Read on to see our January 2024 average DVC resale price per point for each resort.

What’s Coming Up at Disney

2024 DVC Resale Price per Point

2024 has only just begun, but there are already a lot of exciting new things planned at the Disney parks. First, Disney Dining Plans are set to return! These plans allow you to enjoy one table-service meal per night, one quick-service meal, and a snack or nonalcoholic drink. You will also get a resort-refillable drink mug. With these plans, you just need to visit a participating Disney World restaurant. Then, scan your card to enjoy delicious meals.

Another major development you’ll find is at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. This property is being expanded to create a new resort: The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. These cabins feature new accommodations and amenities to make for an even more comfortable stay.

In addition, there are also some updates coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The beloved Star Tours attraction is receiving an update early this year, with a story update planned that will introduce new Star Wars characters like Ahsoka to the ride. Voyage of the Little Mermaid is also returning to the park this year with a full revamp. After being closed for four years, this live show is making its grand return as “The Little Mermaid – a Musical Adventure.” Stay tuned for more info!

January 2024 Average DVC Resale Price By Contract Size

When it comes to the DVC resale price per point for January 2024, keep in mind that the contract size affects the price per point. Prices for DVC contracts vary widely depending on the size of the contract and the resort, with small contracts sometimes being more expensive per point than larger contracts and vice versa. Knowing the average prices per point for different sizes of contracts at each resort can help buyers understand their financial options and make the best decision for their needs. Here are the average prices per point for DVC contracts under 100 points, 100-200 points, as well as over 200 points for each resort.

ResortJanuary 2024 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Under
100 Pts
January 2024 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Between
100-200 Pts
January 2024 Average Price/Point For DVC Contracts Over
200 Pts
Animal Kingdom$114.00$102.58$99.86
Bay Lake Tower$132.67$123.48$114.29
Beach Club Villas$–$125.67$–
Boulder Ridge$86.25$88.34$93.00
Copper Creek$130.00$115.00$120.00
Grand Californian$254.33$242.50$251.38
Grand Floridian$–$137.73$–
Hilton Head Island$66.67$56.32$–
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$77.94$73.50$66.49
Old Key West (extended)$101.67$90.00$95.25
Riviera Resort$120.00$104.50$–
Saratoga Springs$96.92$91.28$88.62
Vero Beach$47.50$47.33$55.00

2024 Average DVC Resale Price by Resort

ResortJanuary ’24 Average Price/Point2023 Average Price/Point
Animal Kingdom$104.39$106.89
Bay Lake Tower$125.52$138.95
Beach Club Villas$125.67$133.25
Boulder Ridge$87.81$98.96
Copper Creek$120.00$139.81
Grand Californian$251.38$261.21
Grand Floridian$137.73$150.96
Hilton Head Island$59.77$64.65
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$72.75$85.36
Old Key West (extended)$97.58$102.17
Riviera Resort$112.25$127.36
Saratoga Springs$91.06$97.86
Vero Beach$49.57$69.54

DVC Resale Prices Are Always Changing!

January Chart

As we begin our 2024 average DVC resale price per point, there isn’t a lot of data, so check out our December 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point to see last year’s data. You will notice it’s almost impossible to predict how much DVC resales will sell month to month. Prices can fluctuate from month to month, and especially year to year.

There are a number of factors that can affect the asking price per point. In some cases, contracts will not sell above or at the average; it depends on the circumstances. In order to determine the price per point for selling your DVC points, you should be aware of a few factors. Knowing which of these factors can positively or negatively affect the sale price of your points is key to getting the best price for your DVC points. Point availability, pending reservations, and the number of points you receive each year can all affect a point’s sale price.

Supply and demand is another factor that can affect these prices. If a resort you have your eye on is particularly popular, then its average price per point is likely to be more expensive than a property with less demand. If you want to take a fun getaway without breaking the bank, these less sought-after resorts can be very useful. Remember, a little research can go a long way when it comes to determining which DVC resorts are right for you.

January 2024 Vs. January 2023 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

To give you a better idea of how things have changed, let’s take a look at the difference between the Average DVC Resale Price per Point between this year and last.

ResortJanuary 2024January 2023
Animal Kingdom$104.39$117.58
Bay Lake Tower$125.52$152.43
Beach Club Villas$125.67$141.60
Boulder Ridge$87.81$99.62
Copper Creek$120.00$150.92
Grand Californian$251.38$250.00
Grand Floridian$137.73$160.75
Hilton Head Island$59.77$71.50
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$72.75$106.32
Old Key West (extended)$97.58$111.29
Riviera Resort$112.25$125.00
Saratoga Springs$91.06$105.04
Vero Beach$49.57$68.39

DVC Resale Price Per Point Vs. Direct DVC Price Per Point

ResortJanuary ’24 Resale Price/PointCurrent Direct Price/PointPrice Difference/Point
Animal Kingdom$104.39$210.00$105.61
Bay Lake Tower$125.52$275.00$149.48
Beach Club Villas$125.67$275.00$149.33
Boulder Ridge$87.81$215.00$127.19
Copper Creek$120.00$250.00$130
Grand Californian$251.38$310.00$58.62
Grand Floridian$137.73$230.00$92.27
Hilton Head Island$59.77$165.00$105.23
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$72.75$–$–
Old Key West (extended)$97.58$205.00$107.42
Riviera Resort$112.25$217.00$104.75
Saratoga Springs$91.06$205.00$113.94
Vero Beach$49.57$150.00$100.43
* Direct prices do not reflect any promotions or discounts DVC is offering.

There are two main ways to become a DVC member — buying directly from Disney or purchasing a timeshare resale. Which one is better is entirely up to you! At the end of the day, both forms of buying a DVC timeshare come with pros and cons. No matter which route you choose, you can rest assured that Disney Vacation Club is one of the best vacation clubs available.

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