More NFL Fans Are Traveling To Away Games and You Can Too

Join the New Wave of NFL Fans Traveling to Road Games With Vacation Exchange

Seeing a big game isn’t cheap, and with more fans traveling to NFL games than before, finding a way to cut costs is more important than ever. Over the last four years, there has been a continuous growth in fans traveling to see their favorite NFL teams play at fields and stadiums across the country. Through vacation exchange, timeshare owners beat travel inflation by paying for a lifetime of vacations up-front and can travel to a new stadium yearly.

2022 NFL Season Increase in NFL Fans Traveling to Road Games

Through Vivid Seats’ proprietary data-centric analysis approach, Fan Forecast makes predictions about the efficiency of fan base turnouts. According to the data, Radier Nation occupied 25% of the stadium despite being at the Chargers’ home location for the season opener game in SoFi stadium. In addition, Buffalo was predicted to get about 45% of the attendance for the Bills-Rams game in Los Angeles, while Los Angeles was predicted to get about 55%.

The growth over the last four years is evident through Vivid Seats’ data. There was an average of one fan for every four fans rooting for the visiting team at an NFL Week 1 game in 2021. Based on the calculation by Fan Forecast, Vivid Seats compared the numbers for each Week 1 game in 2021 to the numbers for Week 1 games in 2017. According to the Fan Forecast for Week 1 NFL games in 2017, 87% favored the home team compared to 75% in 2021.

What Is a Timeshare?

Before we dive into vacation exchange, it is essential to understand what a timeshare is. The term timeshare refers to a property with divided ownership or usage rights. Wyndham, Hilton, Marriott, Disney, and other hospitality brands offer vacation clubs to their owners to cater to their leisure vacation needs.

Unlike hotel rooms, timeshares provide more space and have fully-equipped kitchens, as well as private bedrooms. Travelers who own timeshares pay less and have more amenities than average travelers. Several additional amenities are available, such as a washer/dryer, a concierge, on-site staff members, swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, events, and activities. It is estimated by ARDA that timeshare units are approximately 1030 square feet in size, which is larger than an apartment. A timeshare offers extraordinary amenities and spacious units, which means you’ll spend less on vacations over a lifetime than you would in a hotel or vacation home.

It is common for timeshare properties to be divided into 52 weeks. Which allows every property owner to stay a whole week at a time. The meaning of timeshare is as it sounds. The property is shared among the owners over a period of time. As vacation ownerships have evolved, there are many types of timeshares. Instead of the traditional same-week same resort ownership model, some brands are moving to points-based ownership. As a result, owners can choose how they want to spend their vacation time.

If you’re worried about inflation, timeshares can beat it. There has been an increase in flight prices, hotel prices, gas prices, and many other things. One major advantage to timeshares is that you lock in today’s rates and essentially beat inflation. 

Travel With Vacation Exchange to NFL Stadiums

If you want to travel to a different NFL stadium every year, you will be pleased to learn about vacation exchange. Members can exchange timeshare points for trips to varying resorts through vacation exchange networks. Regarding external vacation exchange networks, RCI and Interval International are the most recognizable. These networks allow you to travel outside of your brand if you are a member of one. Examples of internal exchange networks are Club Wyndham, Disney Vacation Club, and Marriott Vacation Club. So, it is possible to travel to other resorts within the brand’s network. 

Suppose the New England Patriots are your favorite NFL team; you could purchase a timeshare at Marriott’s Custom House. Then, when the NFL schedule is announced, you could trade your timeshare to stay at Marriott’s Villas At Doral in Miami to see the Patriots versus the Dolphins. The following year, trade to visit Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, New York City, to see the Patriots up against the New York Jets. This is an example of internal exchange, but the process is very similar to external trade. Although, there is a broader selection across multiple brands through external exchange. 

You can use vacation exchange to trade your timeshare for resorts anywhere, regardless of where you own your timeshare. Your points or week will become a form of currency when you’re ready to travel. The number of points you can exchange depends on what you own. A person’s unit size, points owned, or week can affect how many points they can trade.

Save Money on the Timeshare Resale Market For Traveling to NFL Stadiums

On the resale market, you can purchase a timeshare for a much lower price than you would pay directly. You will find that your resale timeshare is not second-rate, even if it comes from the secondary market. Thanks to yearly maintenance fees, the resorts are well-kept. So, you are purchasing the same timeshare for less.

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