What Is Marriott Bonvoy?

what is marriott bonvoy

Marriott Vacations Worldwide offers a one-of-a-kind loyalty program for travelers and even Marriott Vacation Club owners. Undoubtedly, members can receive exclusive benefits just for staying at Marriott hotels and resorts with Marriott Bonvoy.

Marriott Bonvoy Rewards

what is marriott bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy has multiple levels of membership and each comes with their own unique set of rewards. It’s simple to earn points–become a member to receive Marriott Bonvoy points for dining, car rentals, and staying at eligible resorts or hotels. Every level of membership guarantees complimentary internet access, member rates, and mobile check-in services. Learn more about what Marriott Bonvoy rewards you can get with each level of membership below.

Marriott Bonvoy Levels

The Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program is simple. Each tier of membership comes with a new set of rewards. You can achieve higher levels by staying at qualifying hotels and resorts. Not to mention, you can earn points just for booking, dining, and more.

Marriott Bonvoy Member0-9 nights per year
Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite10-24 nights per year
Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite25-49 nights per year
Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite50-74 nights per year
Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite75-99 nights per year
Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite100+ nights per year
and $20k in annual qualifying spend


To become a Member of Marriott Bonvoy, all you need to do is sign up. It’s free to join, so there is no reason not to if you plan to take your vacations with Marriott. For only zero to nine nights of hotel or resort stays, Members can receive complimentary internet access, member rates, and mobile check-in/services. Members can also instantly redeem points for spa experiences, dining, or cocktails. You can also book with PointSavers to view discounted rates or earn free nights.

Member Benefits:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Exclusive Member Rates
  • Mobile Check-In and Key
  • Book by Combining Cash and Points
  • Instant Redemption of Points for Cocktails, Spa Experiences, or Dining
  • Save Points on Redemptions with PointSavers

Silver Elite

Silver Elite members of Marriott Bonvoy reach this status after staying 10 nights. With this level of membership, you receive all benefits of Members, as well as some additional perks. Receive 10% more points than Members from hotel purchases or incidentals, as well as Priority Late Checkout. Silver Elite members also have the Ultimate Reservation Guarantee. If Marriott can’t honor your reservation for whatever reason, they will pay for your stay at a nearby resort or hotel and compensate you.

Silver Elite Benefits

Receive all of the same benefits of Members, PLUS:

  • 10% Bonus Points for Stays
  • Priority Late Checkout
  • Ultimate Reservation Guarantee

Gold Elite

When you stay 25 nights, you will achieve the Gold Elite level of Marriott Bonvoy. In addition to the benefits of Members and Silver Elite levels, Gold Elite members have a few extra bonuses. Instead of 10% bonus points, Gold Elite members receive 25% more points for hotel purchases or incidentals. Not to mention, you may receive an Enhanced Room Upgrade based on availability. Looking to sleep in before checking out? Gold Elite status also grants a 2 PM Late Checkout. Last but not least, you will also receive a gift of 250 or 500 points when you arrive for your stay.

Gold Elite Benefits

Receive all of the same benefits of Silver Elite members, PLUS:

  • 25% Bonus Points for Stays
  • Enhanced Room Upgrades
  • 2 PM Late Checkout
  • Welcome Gift of Points (250-500)
  • Enhanced Internet Access

Platinum Elite

For an even more enhanced experience with Marriott, Platinum Elite status starts after staying 50 nights at qualifying resorts and hotels. With this level of Marriott Bonvoy, you will receive luxurious and extraordinary benefits. Not to mention, you’ll receive 50% more points with hotel purchase or incidentals, choice of gift upon arrival, annual gift choice, and 4 PM late checkout. Platinum Elite members also have dedicated support access for all of your booking needs, as well as Lounge Access for complimentary breakfast.

Platinum Elite Benefits

Receive all of the same benefits as Gold Elite members, PLUS:

  • 50% Bonus Points for Stays
  • Welcome Gift Choice (Points, Breakfast, or Amenity)
  • Annual Gift Choice (5 Suite Night Awards, Gift Silver Elite Status, 40% Off Your Favorite Mattress, 5 Elite Night Credits, or $100 Charity Donation)
  • Lounge Access
  • 4 PM Late Checkout
  • Dedicated Elite Support

Titanium Elite

Titanium Elite members of Marriott Bonvoy earn this status when you stay for 75 eligible nights. Benefits of this level go above and beyond, with 75% bonus points on stays, additional annual gifts, enhanced room upgrades, and 48-hour guarantee booking.

Titanium Elite Benefits

Receive all of the same benefits of Platinum Elite members, PLUS:

  • 75% Bonus Points for Stays
  • A Second Annual Gift Choice
  • 48-Hour Guarantee
  • Complimentary United Mileage Plus Premier Silver Status

Ambassador Elite

Finally, the top Marriott Bonvoy membership level is Ambassador Elite. These members have stayed over 100 nights at a participating resort or hotel, and spent $20k in annual qualifying purchases.

Ambassador Elite members have exclusive access to Your24, where you can choose check-in and check-out times. Certainly, this is a great benefit for flexible vacations. You will also receive personal assistance with Ambassador Service.

Ambassador Elite Benefits

Receive all of the same benefits of Titanium Elite members, PLUS:

  • Your24
  • Ambassador Service

How Marriott Vacation Club Owners Can Benefit

Already a Marriott Vacation Club owner? Certainly, one of the many benefits of Marriott Vacation Club is the ability to convert your Vacation Club Points for Marriott Bonvoy Points. Reserve a room for a weekend getaway or travel to one of thousands of hotels under the Marriott brand.

Marriott Vacation Club owners can also earn Marriott Bonvoy points for stays at their Home resort, or other MVC resorts.

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