Timeshare owners have a unique and incredible opportunity to travel further, faster and better with vacation exchange. While your Home resort can offer luxurious amenities and spacious accommodations, sometimes we just want to see more.

With vacation exchange, timeshare owners can trade their timeshare week or points for another vacation property worldwide. There are several vacation exchange networks that top brands are affiliated with. Some even have their own internal exchange networks as an added bonus for owners.

How Vacation Exchange Works

Whether you’re using an internal exchange network or an external one, there are similarities in how the process works. You can also exchange either your timeshare week (fixed or floating) or your timeshare points. Part of the benefit of vacation exchange is trading your timeshare for resorts anywhere, no matter what you own. When you’re ready to travel the world, your week or points convert like currency. Depending on what you own is what determines how many points you can exchange with. These factors include the season, resort, unit size, or week you own.

The first step is to deposit your points/week on your internal or external exchange network. You can then use your converted ownership to book for the equivalent vacation opportunity. Keep in mind, Bluegreen Vacations points at a resort in Tennessee might not equate to vacation at a Disney Vacation Club resort. Depending on the size of your unit, how many points you own, or what week you own can play a role in how many points you can trade with.

Join an Affiliate

(RCI or Interval International)

Join an Affiliate

(RCI or Interval International)

Deposit Ownership

Deposit Ownership

Take a New Vacation

Take a New Vacation


RCI was founded in 1974 by Jon and Christel DeHaan. The DeHaans pioneered a system that would allow for vacation owners to exchange their time at their home resort for time at other resort locations. Resort Condominiums International, also known as RCI, is a vacation exchange network that is owned by Wyndham Worldwide. RCI has 35,000 exchange options across 108 countries with over 3.8 million members. Vacation exchange networks like RCI can help timeshare owners get the most out of their ownership.

Members pay a yearly fee to gain access to the services of RCI. RCI prides itself on offering members amazing destinations, incredible experiences and the power of choice. 

35k+ Units

RCI resorts offer units in incredible locations across the world. With more than 35,000 units in their network, the possibilities are endless.

3.8m+ Members

As the world’s largest vacation exchange brand, RCI helps millions of families travel to new places every year.

110+ Countries

Travelling to Aruba, Ireland and Canada isn’t out of reach with RCI. With partnering resorts all over the world, international travel dreams become reality.

Cruises, Flights & More

Did you know RCI offers flights and cruises to their members? By becoming an RCI member, you’re opening a world of travel possibilities, including extended stays and more.

Interval International

Interval International is a vacation exchange network owned by Marriott International. Frequently referred to as II, this expansive network began in 1976 as a way for timeshare owners to trade their week at their home resort for a week at another. Since beginning in Miami, Interval International has grown to over 14 offices worldwide.

Today, Interval International’s network brings vacation exchange services to over two million families with over 3,200 resorts in 80 nations worldwide.

3.2k+ Resorts

Interval International affiliated resorts are from major brands like Marriott, Hyatt, Diamond and Welk to name a few. You can expect the same luxury at every resort you visit.

2m+ Members

As the second largest exchange network in the world, Interval International services millions of families every year, and their fan base is always growing.

80+ Countries

Similar to RCI, international travel won’t be a problem with Interval International’s extensive network spanning over 80 countries worldwide.

Flexible Travel

Interval International provides extra getaways, and last minute resort stays for members, so you can make the most of your timeshare.

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