Disney Vacation Club is Exercising ROFR Again

dvc exercises rofr august 2020

You read that right–Disney Vacation Club has started exercising the Right of First Refusal again. If you have been considering selling your Disney Vacation Club timeshare, now may be a good time. If you have been considering buying DVC points from the resale market, make sure to take a look at the resorts and price per point DVC is exercising on.

Disney Vacation Club Stepping In As Buyer

New to the Right of First Refusal? Not to worry. Every time a buyer and seller agree on an offer, the contract must be sent to Disney. Exercising the ROFR is based on Disney’s discretion and most contracts are in the ROFR process for less than 30 days on average.

Did you know the ROFR is in every DVC contract? It gives Disney the option to step in as the buyer once a price has been agreed upon by a buyer and a seller and the contract has been executed. When the ROFR is exercised, Disney steps in as the buyer. If the ROFR is waived, the sale continues with the original buyer.

Recently, the industry has seen Disney step in as the buyer after months of not doing so. To date, Disney has bought back contracts from: Bay Lake Tower, Boulder Ridge, Saratoga Springs, Old Key WestAnimal KingdomBeach ClubGrand CalifornianGrand Floridian, Boardwalk and Vero Beach.

Below are a few examples of locations and prices for which Disney has been buying:

ResortNumber of pointsPrice per point
Grand Floridian200 points$139 per point
Old Key West220 points$81 per point
Old Key West270 points$89 per point
Saratoga Springs200 points$91 per point
Saratoga Springs385 points$92 per point
Saratoga Springs200 points$97 per point

What Does The ROFR Mean For DVC Resale Sellers and Buyers?

Before Disney will step in as the buyer, there must already be an original buyer in place with a sales contract signed. Because of these circumstances, there may be a slow rise in prices of DVC resale contracts.

dvc exercises rofr august 2020

Additionally, Disney does not typically just buy-back contracts without a buyer. The only time this happens is generally during the ROFR stage of the sales process.

For buyers of DVC resale, this means that if Disney steps in as the buyer, you will no longer be able to purchase that timeshare or negotiate to purchase it. The sale ends with Disney as the buyer. In the event this happens, you would have to find another DVC points contract for sale to bid on.

DVC Resales

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