Coming To Fidelity Real Estate: The First DVC Riviera Resale Listing!


As we all wait in anticipation for the grand opening of Disney’s brand new resort, the Riviera, many families have already purchased points! Opening in December of this year, our source tells us the Riviera Resort is starting at $220 per point when purchased directly from DVC.

Disney’s Riviera Resort will transport guests to the beautiful coastline of the Mediterranean in Europe. Inspired by Walt Disney’s travels through France and Italy, the new DVC property features a more elegant approach to Disney as we know it today (all while staying completely kid-friendly!)

With over 300 units that will also offer new styles of accommodations for visitors, the Riviera will be perfect for a couples weekend getaway or a packed family adventure. Tower Studios has seating for two, a private balcony and Queen-size pull-down bed while the Grand Villas include fully-equipped kitchens, dining and living areas, en-suite bathrooms and laundry!

Timeshare Retail Vs Resale: Disney Riviera Resort

It’s no secret that timeshare resales can be purchased at a much cheaper price than buying directly from the developer. While most, but not all, of the same benefits transfer to resale owners, making a purchase from the secondary market will still give you a lifetime of vacations in amazing accommodations. This all rings true for the Riviera, which can now be purchased as a resale property from Fidelity!

Disney Riviera Resort Resale

The first DVC Riviera Resale listing to come to the secondary market, make an offer now before it’s gone. Because the resort has not opened yet, it’s sure to go fast. Keep in mind that purchasing a Riviera timeshare from the resale market will restrict you to using the points at only the Riviera. Don’t let that deter you though! If purchased directly from Disney Vacation Club, our sources tell us that the Riviera will start at $220 per point. If you decide to make an offer, our listing on Fidelity Real Estate is posted at only $170 per point! You do not want to miss out on this.

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