April 2022 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

April 2022 DVC Resale Prices

The news about Disney is true! Disney Vacation Club resale prices are always changing and now might even be the best time to buy! If you are considering selling your DVC points or purchasing DVC points from the resale market, it’s great to keep an eye out on trends and prices. This historic data serves as a reference point for the growth of Disney Vacation Club on the secondary market and the stats shared come strictly from Fidelity Real Estate. Take a look at the April 2022 average DVC resale price per point for resorts.

Disney News and Exciting New Adventures

As you may have seen, the Walt Disney World Resort has been gracing headlines in recent months. It is currently unclear whether or not we will see noteworthy adjustments at WDW due to the recent changes in their tax status and exemptions. Most importantly, we don’t see any concrete evidence that maintenance fees would be affected by a potential dissolving of Reedy Creek’s privileges. While changes may be in the future for Walt Disney World, one thing is for certain: Disney Vacation Club will always provide a lifetime of magical vacations! If there are any significant changes to DVC prices or requirements, as always, we will keep you updated.

In some more thrilling news, EPCOT has been debuting its new makeover over the past few weeks. On top of the grand opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind later this month, a new restaurant has opened much to the delight of guests! Connections Cafe is a quick-service dining option showcasing flavors from around the globe and has EPCOT’s futuristic flair. This is also where you’ll find the new EPCOT Starbucks location. So, getting a quick energy boost as you enter the park is easy! If you’re one of the lucky DVC members who snagged an early preview of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, let us know below! We can’t wait to experience the new state-of-the-art attraction in just a few weeks!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new attractions and renovations at the Disney parks! Current owners will be delighted at all of the improvements they will see in the upcoming years. So, if you’re not a DVC member, then what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for a lifetime of magic, then maybe it’s time you join Disney Vacation Club! Of course, buying DVC points on the resale market is a great idea to dip your toes in the water or add points on to your membership.

April 2022 Average DVC Resale Price By Resort

ResortApril ’22 Average Price/PointMarch ’22 Average Price/PointFebruary ’22 Average Price/PointJanuary ’22 Average Price/Point2021 Average Price/Point
Animal Kingdom$127.81$131.13$131.38$127.96$118.29
Bay Lake Tower$164.59$161.50$151.86$161.75$150.56
Beach Club Villas$159.81$155.11$169.00$156.17$138.65
Boulder Ridge$120.69$113.00$114.00$111.00$108.34
Copper Creek$165.00$162.11$166.40$156.33$145.96
Grand Californian$–$230.00$–$288.33$214.21
Grand Floridian$171.46$185.00$189.52$186.93$172.93
Hilton Head Island$75.25$77.20$80.47$82.50$71.03
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$109.00$110.58$123.75$110.00$101.75
Old Key West (extended)$140.00$136.67$–$132.00$115.74
Riviera Resort$125.00$128.00$135.00$135.00$131.48
Saratoga Springs$124.08$119.42$127.60$126.23$109.16
Vero Beach$72.58$75.00$73.00$73.00$66.06

DVC Resale Prices Are Always Changing!

As you can see from the chart above, it’s hard to predict what DVC resales will sell for each month. Resale prices at some resorts went up, while some went down. Regardless of the month-to-month prices, you can see that almost every resort’s resale prices have increased from 2021’s average cost per point. April 2022’s average DVC resale price per point was $133.99.

The asking price per point for every sale can vary depending on several things. The average resale price per point for April 2022 does signify that, for the most part, resale prices are still rising for DVC. However, this does not mean that all contracts will sell at or above the average.

If you are considering selling your DVC points, the price per point in which you sell can depend on the immediate availability of your points or even how many points you are allotted every year. If you have any pending reservations, this can also affect the selling price per point.

April 2022 Vs. April 2021 Average DVC Resale Price Per Point

Curious to see what the April 2021 average price per point was compared to April 2022? Check out this comparison to see the increases from then to now.

ResortApril 2022April 2021
Animal Kingdom$127.81$115.88
Bay Lake Tower$164.59$144.48
Beach Club Villas$159.81$123.09
Boulder Ridge$120.69$97.00
Copper Creek$165.00$125.75
Grand Floridian$171.46$164.67
Hilton Head Island$75.25$67.67
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$109.00$93.00
Old Key West (extended)$140.00$106.00
Saratoga Springs$124.08$102.17
Vero Beach$72.58$55.00

DVC Resale Price Per Point Vs. Direct DVC Price Per Point

A major factor coming to the resale market is the rise of the DVC direct prices for several of the Disney Vacation Club resorts. When Disney Vacation Club announces plans to expand resorts and increase direct prices per resort, there can be a long-term impact on the resale market.

ResortApril ’22 Resale Price/PointCurrent Direct Price/PointPrice Difference/Point
Animal Kingdom$127.81$200.00$72.19
Bay Lake Tower$164.59$245.00$80.41
Beach Club Villas$159.81$265.00$105.19
Boulder Ridge$120.69$190.00$69.31
Copper Creek$165.00$225.00$60.00
Grand Californian$–$310.00$–
Grand Floridian$171.46$255.00$83.54
Hilton Head Island$75.25$155.00$79.75
Old Key West (exp. 2042)$109.00$–
Old Key West$140.00$200.00$60.00
Riviera Resort$125.00$207.00$82.00
Saratoga Springs$124.08$200.00$75.92
Vero Beach$72.58$140.00$67.42

*Direct prices do not reflect any promotions or discounts that DVC is offering.

While the savings of purchasing a DVC resale contract are substantial compared to purchasing directly from Disney, there are pros and cons to each. Make sure you are up to date on all DVC resale restrictions, as they may sway you from purchasing resale. However, buying DVC points on the secondary market can be a great idea if you are adding points to your existing membership.

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