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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort

Looking for a more flexible way to timeshare? Look no further than Holiday Inn Club Vacations. With Holiday Inn points, you can enjoy greater vacation flexibility while taking advantage of the spacious accommodations, fun and convenient amenities, and long-term savings that only timeshares can provide. Broaden your travel horizons with a points-based ownership system that lets you travel to any of Holiday Inn Club Vacations’ amazing destinations, including Las Vegas, Orlando, Branson, and beyond. And, of course, every Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort promises the high standard of luxury that Holiday Inn is known for.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations – A More Flexible Way to Timeshare

When most people think of timeshares, they likely think of the traditional fixed-week model. In the fixed-week timeshare model, owners commit to the same week, in the same location, every year. But Holiday Inn Club Vacations isn’t a traditional timeshare company. Rather, Holiday Inn Club Vacations offers a points-based ownership system that lets you travel when and where you want.

With the purchase of a Holiday Inn Club Vacations membership, you own your timeshare in the form of points. Timeshare points work as vacation currency. When you buy your timeshare, you’ll choose a “home resort” from Holiday Inn Club Vacations’ portfolio. Then, each year, you’ll receive an allotment of Holiday Inn points based on the points value of your home resort. Here’s where things get interesting, though.

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28 Resorts to Choose From

You can, of course, choose to stay at your home resort. Or, you can use your points to stay at other Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts within the brand’s network. Holiday Inn Club Vacations boasts a portfolio of 28 luxury resorts in 14 US states and Mexico. Choose from premier vacation destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, Branson, Cancun, and more.

As mentioned, how many points you receive annually depends on your home resort, with factors like resort popularity, seasonal demand, unit size, and length of stay all coming into play. However, should you need access to more or fewer points for your preferred destination, Holiday Inn Club Vacations offers the flexibility to bank points from this year’s vacation or borrow points from future vacations.

Banking and Borrowing Points

It’s important to consider your travel needs and preferences before you purchase your Holiday Inn Club Vacations points. If you usually take shorter vacations or you prefer to travel in the off-season, you may want to buy fewer points. However, if you and your family want to take a longer vacation, travel during peak season, or need a bigger unit to accommodate more guests, Holiday Inn Club Vacations gives you the flexibility to do so.

Should you need more Holiday Inn points in a given year, you can borrow from the next year’s allotment of points to enjoy a bigger, longer vacation during peak season. Vice versa, if you’re planning a big peak-season vacation down the road, you can take a smaller vacation one year and bank your points for the next.

With 28 amazing resorts to choose from, the flexibility to bank and borrow points lets you make unique new vacation memories every year. But for the ultimate flexibility, consider a Holiday Inn Club membership.

Make the Most of Your Holiday Inn Points With Vacation Exchange Options Through Holiday Inn Club

Holiday Inn Club is an independent exchange program for Holiday Inn Club Vacations members interested in maximizing the flexibility and value of their membership. Holiday Inn Club offers several vacation exchange opportunities, discounts, benefits and rewards exclusive to Holiday Inn Club members. As a Holiday Inn Club member, you can expect:

  • Greater Flexibility – Convert your Holiday Inn Club Vacations membership week into multiple short stays at other Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts. Or, exchange it on RCI for stays at over 4,300 RCI hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • Generous Rewards – Earn bonus points, discounts, and perks through IHG One Rewards, the world’s largest hotel rewards program.
  • More Options – Redeem your Holiday Inn Club points for airfare, car rentals, hotels, and more!
  • More Destinations – Trade your Holiday Inn Club points for IHG One Rewards points you can use at more than 4,500 hotels around the world within the IHG Hotels and Resorts network.

How Much Does a Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare Cost?

The price of your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare will depend on how many points you buy. The amount of points you buy will, in turn, depend on the kind of vacation experience you’re looking for. On average, members start off buying around 75,000 Holiday Inn points. This many club points roughly equates to a full peak-season week at one of Holiday Inn Club Vacations’ standard resorts. Or, you could redeem them for a long weekend at a deluxe resort like HIVC’s flagship resort, Orange Lake in Orlando. Check out our selection of Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort trust point timeshares now!

Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshares can cost thousands, plus fees. However, keep in mind that a timeshare contract is a long-term agreement. Thus, you’re essentially locking in tomorrow’s vacations at today’s prices. This can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime. Plus, your maintenance fees will help the property developer keep your timeshare in pristine condition for the life of your ownership.

Still, the upfront cost of timeshares can make them seem out of reach for many buyers. But you don’t have to pay upfront! With our financing partners at Vacation Club Loans, you and each member of your family can start living the timeshare lifestyle of your dreams and spread out your payments. Vacation Club Loans can help ease your financial burden with low interest rates, no prepayment penalty, and fast online approval.

Buy a Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare Resale With Fidelity Real Estate

Looking for another way to ease the financial burden of your Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare? Timeshare resales are priced for thousands less than timeshares for sale by the developer. Meanwhile, they offer most of the same timeshare benefits enjoyed by the original owner. But buying your timeshare on the secondary market doesn’t mean you get a second-rate product. Resorts work hard to maintain the reputation of their brand name, and that means keeping all their units shipshape.

As your premier timeshare resale outlet, Fidelity Real Estate brings you quality points resales from the best Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts. As a fully licensed real estate brokerage, we bring you peace of mind by bringing brokerage credibility to the world of timeshare resales.

Head to our site to explore our resale marketplace. Here, you’ll find premium Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshares and filters that help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Have questions? Call Fidelity Real Estate today!

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